Zeebu forms strategic partnership with Hayo, Axistel, and Qatama.

Zeebu forms strategic partnership with Hayo, Axistel, and Qatama.

Revolutionizing the Telecom Sector: Zeebu’s Tripartite Partnership and Blockchain Solutions

The blockchain industry continues to make significant strides in revolutionizing various sectors, and the telecommunications industry is no exception. Zeebu, a groundbreaking platform that harnesses the power of blockchain technology, has recently formed strategic partnerships with three prominent telecommunication companies: Hayo Telecom Inc., Axistel FZE, and Qatama Ltd. This collaboration brings the total number of Zeebu’s major telecom partners to seven, reinforcing its mission of becoming a game changer in the telecommunications sector.

Introducing Zeebu’s Tripartite Partnership

Among the three partners, Hayo Telecom stands out as a growing firm in the Senegalese mobile operator industry. With a comprehensive range of services including Mobile, Fixed, WiFi, and Wimax, Hayo Telecom plays a significant role in generating both local and international traffic. The company holds international clearing house licenses from Ghana and Nigeria, solidifying its position as a key player in the telecom ecosystem. Feraz Ahmed, the CEO of Hayo Telecom, expressed enthusiasm about joining Zeebu’s telecom loyalty platform, emphasizing that Zeebu’s infrastructure will enable instantaneous transaction settlements worldwide. Ahmed believes that Zeebu’s platform, built on the concepts of trust and transparency, will provide game-changing benefits for telecom carriers.

Axistel FZE, another partner in Zeebu’s tripartite partnership, is also a prominent player in the global telecom sector. Axistel FZE offers services such as Voice and SMS OTP HQ and CC services, catering to the evolving needs of fixed and mobile carriers and corporate customers. Hiren Kakad, the CEO of Axistel FZE, believes that integrating Zeebu’s blockchain network will accelerate innovation in the telecom industry. Kakad also highlights the potential for this integration to deliver real value to every participant.

Massih Qhoraish, the Director of Qatama, expressed his confidence in Zeebu’s blockchain-based loyalty solution. Recognizing the need for enhanced security and operational efficiency in the telecom carrier industry, Qhoraish believes that Zeebu’s rewards-based transaction infrastructure will revolutionize the sector.

Addressing Core Problems in the Telecom Sector

Zeebu’s revolutionary blockchain solution addresses several unique challenges faced by the telecom sector. These challenges include security threats, escalating and complex costs between intermediaries, and significant remittance delays of up to 20 days. With the integration of Zeebu’s platform, telecom operators can confidently perform instant global transactions without the fear of delays or exorbitant costs. Zeebu’s platform provides enterprise-grade security against cyberattacks and fraud, ensuring that telecom carriers and their partners can operate in a trustless, transparent, and highly efficient transaction ecosystem.

Zeebu’s platform leverages smart contracts to create this efficient transaction ecosystem for telecom carriers. Additionally, the Zeebu Loyalty Token (ZLU) facilitates fast and seamless cross-border transactions, eliminating the need for traditional banking routes and intermediaries. This integration of blockchain technology not only enhances security and efficiency but also reduces overall costs, benefiting all participants in the telecom industry.

The Telecom Industry Embracing Blockchain

The telecom industry is increasingly recognizing the potential of blockchain technology to transform its operations. Just two months ago, Conflux Network and China Telecom unveiled their jointly developed Blockchain SIM (BSIM) card at the Xuhui District West Bank Artificial Intelligence Center in Shanghai. This innovation showcases the growing integration of blockchain into the telecommunications sector and highlights the industry’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology for improved services and operations.

In conclusion, Zeebu’s tripartite partnership with Hayo Telecom Inc., Axistel FZE, and Qatama Ltd. marks a significant milestone in the revolution of the telecom sector through blockchain technology. By addressing core problems faced by the industry and offering enhanced security, efficiency, and cost reduction, Zeebu’s platform has the potential to reshape the telecommunications landscape. As the telecom industry continues to embrace blockchain, we can expect further advancements and partnerships that will drive innovation and propel the industry into a new era of connectivity and efficiency.

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