YPredict Coin surges after success of Ordinal Pepe


yPredict is a cryptocurrency platform that uses AI technology to provide insights for traders and analysts in the crypto market.

The platform’s native token, YPRED, recently achieved a $1.7 million presale milestone, making it one of the fastest-selling cryptocurrencies in 2023.

The advanced technology behind the platform is its standout feature that will hopefully sustain its relevance moving forward.

Notably, the crypto market is influenced by whales and institutional players taking advantage of market movements.

However, yPredict’s advanced AI technology evens the odds for individual traders to make a profit.

yPredict Gives An Analytical Advantage

yPredict’s platform is a comprehensive tool for in-depth crypto analysis and professional tips.

It offers vital crypto analytics such as chart pattern identification, technical indicator recommendation, and AI-powered price predictions.

These tools offer traders on the platform an edge over institutional players that control the market.

Additionally, users can access other features, such as social trading, which enable novices to profit by interacting with more experienced traders and copying their strategies.

Interestingly, yPredict rewards its users for engaging in activities on its platform.

It offers a Learn-to-Earn (L2E) mechanism where users get rewards for engaging with educational materials. YPRED tokens are the rewards used within the ecosystem.

Furthermore, it offers a fully equipped marketplace where developers on its platform can offer model predictions or trading signals.

yPredict operates a decentralized governance model where users vote on decisions using YPRED tokens.

Staking activities are also part of the ecosystem, as YPRED holders receive 10% staking rewards for new subscriptions on the platform.

Staking helps to control the supply of YPRED tokens, thereby boosting its value and providing liquidity vital to the success of the project.

YPRED Presales Hit Stage 6

The YPRED token presale is now in stage 6, and each token is worth $0.09.

YPRED has achieved the $1.7 million milestone in the presale, with $2 million coming soon.

After the presales, the tokens will list on centralized and decentralized exchanges.

YPRED has a fixed listing price of $0.12 with the potential to gain more depending on its reception in the general market.

Also, YPRED has a total supply of 100 million tokens, and 80 million will go to users during the presale.

YPRED runs on the Polygon blockchain and benefits from its features, such as low gas fees and fast transactions.

With its tokenomics and detailed roadmap, YPRED will likely enjoy similar success to projects such as PEPE, OPEPE, and SPONGE.

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