XRP surges as other altcoins decline.

The price of Ripple’s token is increasing and has surpassed the $0.52 resistance against the US Dollar, trading in a bullish zone while other altcoins such as ADA and BNB are experiencing losses. The price is now trading above $0.515 and the 100 simple moving average (4 hours), with a key bearish trend line forming with resistance near $0.535. If it clears the $0.545 and $0.550 resistance levels, the pair might continue to rise.

In the past few days, Ripple’s XRP saw a downside correction from the $0.540 resistance against the US Dollar, dipping below the $0.52 support zone and experiencing bearish moves, similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, the bulls were active near the $0.475 zone and the price is now rising.

Initial resistance on the upside is near the $0.535 zone, with the first major resistance near the $0.545 level. A successful break above the $0.545 resistance level might send the price toward the $0.565 resistance, while any more gains might call for a test of the $0.580 resistance.

If Ripple fails to clear the $0.535 resistance zone, it could start a downside correction, with initial support on the downside near the $0.515 zone. The next major support is near $0.501, and if there is a downside break and a close below the $0.501 level, XRP’s price could extend losses and retest the $0.480 support zone.

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