XRP Ledger’s L2 Smart Contract Development Reaches Milestone

XRP Ledger's L2 Smart Contract Development Reaches Milestone

Evernode’s Journey Towards Launching a Layer 2 Platform for XRP Ledger

XRP’s sideways price action on the 1-day chart

Evernode, the XRP Ledger (XRPL) Layer 2 platform, has recently shared updates on its progress and challenges as it moves closer to launching its platform. The updates shed light on the complexity of developing a Layer 2 platform for XRP Ledger and highlight the importance of thorough testing and auditing in this process.

Introducing Evernode and its Goals

Evernode is a Layer 2 platform aiming to bring smart contracts to the XRP Ledger ecosystem through Hooks. Developed by a team of experienced developers, Evernode seeks to enhance the XRP Ledger network by introducing advanced functionalities. By enabling developers to build and deploy smart contracts on the XRP Ledger network, Evernode’s platform opens up new use cases and applications for the ecosystem.

The Journey Towards Launch

In its first update, Evernode announced that the audit of their three hooks is tentatively scheduled to begin in mid-August. However, the team is still awaiting paperwork and funding from Ripple to confirm the audit, which is also the case for other XRPL Grants Grantees. This delay highlights the importance of collaboration and financial support within the blockchain industry.

In the second update, the Evernode team shared their challenges with the Nomad contract, which proved to be more difficult than expected. The contract did not persist on the betanet, allowing the development team to identify bugs and areas for improvement. Despite the obstacles, the team remains optimistic and continues to work diligently to resolve these issues. This showcases the dedication and determination of the Evernode team throughout the development process.

Importance of Testing and Auditing

These updates emphasize the complexity of developing a Layer 2 platform for XRP Ledger and underscore the significance of rigorous testing and auditing. By thoroughly testing the platform and conducting audits, Evernode ensures that it functions smoothly and securely. Testing and auditing processes are crucial for identifying and rectifying any potential vulnerabilities or bugs, guaranteeing the stability and reliability of the platform.

The Potential Impact of Evernode’s Platform

Once successfully launched, Evernode’s platform will enable developers to leverage smart contracts on the XRP Ledger network. This functionality will allow XRP Ledger to compete with other smart contract platforms, such as Ethereum, which has gained significant traction in decentralized finance (DeFi). By offering a scalable and secure solution for smart contracts, Evernode’s platform contributes to the growth and relevance of the XRP Ledger ecosystem.

Moreover, Evernode’s platform will attract more developers to the XRP Ledger ecosystem, driving its adoption and expanding its capabilities. As the number of developers increases, the network will witness a surge in use cases and applications, fostering broader adoption and added value. The development of Evernode’s Layer 2 platform is a significant milestone for the XRP Ledger community, showcasing continuous innovation and growth within the ecosystem.

XRP’s Current Price Movement

At the time of writing, XRP has experienced sideways price movement. As the fourth largest cryptocurrency in terms of trading volume and market capitalization, it is currently trading at $0.7119, representing a decrease of 1.6% over the last 24 hours. This price movement is independent of Evernode’s progress but provides a broader context for the current market conditions.


Evernode’s updates on its progress towards launching a Layer 2 platform for XRP Ledger highlight the importance of rigorous testing and auditing in developing complex systems. By overcoming challenges and ensuring a secure and scalable platform, Evernode will introduce new opportunities for developers and foster the adoption and growth of the XRP Ledger ecosystem. As the blockchain industry continues to evolve, the development and innovation showcased by Evernode contribute to the overall advancement and success of the XRP Ledger community.

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