Xandeum, the L1 with Scalable Storage Layer, to Launch on July 30.

Xandeum, the L1 with Scalable Storage Layer, to Launch on July 30.

Xandeum: Revolutionizing the Blockchain Industry

Las Vegas, Nevada, July 25th, 2023, Chainwire – Xandeum, a trailblazing blockchain startup committed to accelerating humanity’s transition to decentralized control, announces its highly anticipated launch on July 30, 2023, at 11:00 am PT.

Leveraging the power of blockchain technology, Xandeum’s mission is to empower collective self-determination by creating a scalable, blockchain-based storage layer for smart contracts, which adds a new dimension to the decentralized web. Named External Global Grouped Storage (EGGS), this solution pioneers a new era of storage-enabled Web3 apps (sedApps) on Xandeum.

In a departure from the traditional model of seeking venture capital, Xandeum prioritizes community control by selling node licenses directly to its users. The grand launch will introduce an incentivized purchase model, creating a buzz for this revolutionary blockchain project.

Bernie Blume, founder of Xandeum, said: “Xandeum is all about transforming the world of blockchain. We’re not just creating another blockchain; we’re creating a holistic platform that integrates advanced blockchain technology with a revolutionary storage solution, paving the way for fully-fledged, storage-enabled Web3 apps.”

Xandeum’s grand launch introduces an attractive purchase model: the first transaction to purchase a node will receive a generous 50% rebate, the second 49%, the third 48%, and so on until the 50th transaction, which will still secure a 1% rebate.

This follows Xandeum’s track record of success, already having sold over 2,809 nodes for proceeds surpassing $1.9 million under the prior brand name Bitoku. By opening the market to its community, Xandeum aims to foster further expansion and innovation.

Blume acknowledges the enthusiasm of their community, stating, “Our community just loves to embark on this journey so early, at least 4 to 5 months ahead of the ICO, in order to reap the maximum benefits.”

Post-launch, Xandeum will roll out an incentivized Devnet on August 15, followed by a Testnet in the fall, an ICO of the XAND token in November, and a beta version of the mainnet scheduled for 2024.

Blume urges users to join this exciting journey, stating, “Join us in this exciting journey. Visit our website, explore the lightpaper and the RFC version of our technical whitepaper, check out the roadmap, and prepare to participate in our grand launch.”

Xandeum invites users to join the blockchain revolution at xandeum.com and prepare for the Grand Launch. Xandeum.com is set to take blockchain technology to the next level.

About Xandeum

Xandeum is a blockchain startup aimed at advancing blockchain technology. With projects like the development of the Xandeum blockchain, the integration of the Move language, and building the EGGS storage layer for smart contracts, Xandeum is pushing the boundaries of decentralized control and collective self-determination.

For more information: Official Website | Discord | Twitter


CEO, Bernie Blume, Xandeum Labs, [email protected]

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