Write better ChatGPT prompts.

It is crucial to write good ChatGPT prompts in order to receive precise and pertinent responses. Clear and accurate context is essential for the artificial intelligence (AI) model to produce the required information, which allows ChatGPT to better comprehend the aim and scope of a user’s inquiry.

What is prompting in ChatGPT

In OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot, prompting refers to the process of providing input or instructions to the language model to get the desired response. This includes creating prompts or questions that direct the AI model’s interpretation of the task or subject. Prompts can be in the form of questions, statements, or any other type of input that instructs the model to produce a coherent and relevant response.

The quality and effectiveness of the prompt have a significant impact on the AI model’s outputs. Well-written prompts with clear instructions and context encourage more accurate responses. It helps establish the mood, outline the intended informational format, and direct the model’s deductive reasoning.

For example, a simple and direct question like “What is the capital of France?” will lead to a straightforward answer. On the other hand, a general question like “Tell me something about France” can result in a broader response that may or may not contain the information a user is looking for.

Users can maximize the use of ChatGPT and improve the outcomes of their interactions with the language model by learning how to create and provide effective prompts.

GPT-4 General Prompting Tips The following tips will help give you a competitive advantage with the latest version of ChatGPT: → Capture Your Writing Style Feed GPT a few samples of your writing and ask it to create a style guide for future outputs. Example prompt:… pic.twitter.com/JWYYLV4ZLS

— Chase Curtis (@realchasecurtis) April 2, 2023

How to write a good ChatGPT prompt

Here are some important things to keep in mind when including context in prompts:

Specified topic or subject

Clearly state the desired topic or theme. This establishes context, and ChatGPT should provide responses that fit the requested subject.

Background information

Give relevant background information about the topic. This can include applicable information, background context, or any other information required to comprehend the query or request.

Limitations and constraints

Describe any restrictions or limitations to help focus the response. If users require a response in a certain amount of time or from a certain viewpoint, they should make it explicit in the prompt.


Users should clearly express what information or reaction they are looking for from ChatGPT. Being clear about the results they want — whether it’s a specific solution, an explanation, or a recommendation — enables ChatGPT to offer more individualized and precise responses.

Users should provide examples or scenarios that best describe the particular situation or setting to which they are referring. This can help ChatGPT better understand the situation and produce more pertinent, contextualized responses.

Be mindful of biases

Although ChatGPT strives to offer unbiased and instructive responses, it may occasionally reflect biases seen in the training data. Users can ask for a balanced or impartial stance if they’re looking for multiple perspectives on an issue or making subjective inquiries.

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Review and verify responses

Even with carefully prepared prompts, checking and double-checking ChatGPT’s offered answers is crucial. When required, compare the information with other trustworthy sources or seek professional advice. Remember that ChatGPT is a language model and might not always give precise or comprehensive responses.

System-level directives

Users have the ability to give ChatGPT general instructions to guide its actions. For example, they can choose the level of information (“provide a brief summary”) or the perspective (“answer as a scientist”) they want in the response.

By providing ChatGPT with specific and detailed context, users make it easier for it to comprehend the request and generate solutions that meet their requirements. If the initial outcomes are not satisfactory, continue to experiment and modify your requests, and recognize that ChatGPT may not always produce flawless or completely precise responses.

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