Perth Crypto City Guide: Exploring Australia’s Crypto Culture, Projects, Financial Infrastructure, and More! 🌟🏙️

The Wealthy Isolated Capital A Guide to Perth, Home to Stunning Beaches and Embracing Crypto

Explore Perth’s Riches and Stunning Beaches in the Crypto City Guide

Welcome to Perth, a city that combines wealth, isolation, stunning beaches, and a thriving crypto culture! In this Crypto City Guide, we will take a deep dive into Perth’s crypto scene, including its notable projects, financial infrastructure, where you can spend crypto, blockchain education courses, a history of controversies, and the people who are shaping the crypto landscape.

About Perth 🏞️

Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, is known for its isolation and stunning landscapes. Situated miles away from other major cities in Australia, Perth holds the title of being the most isolated major city in the world. Its time zone aligns with Singapore, China, Malaysia, and Indonesia, making it feel like a hub between East and West.

The city boasts a wealthy population, thanks to its iron ore mines, which contribute significantly to Australia’s iron ore supply. Perth is also renowned for its beautiful coastline and vibrant arts scene, having produced successful actors such as Heath Ledger, Sam Worthington, and Isla Fisher.

Perth made headlines during the COVID-19 pandemic for its strict border closures, allowing the city to continue hosting music festivals and even stealing the Australian Football League grand final from Melbourne. Perthians know how to make the most out of any situation!

Perth’s Crypto Culture 🚀

Perth may be known for being excluded from major events, but it has developed its own unique crypto culture. The city has a thriving crypto community with regular meetups, active social media presence, and local conferences that attract industry leaders and blockchain academics.

The WAWeb3 Association, a nonprofit organization focused on sustainable Web3 education, hosts an annual two-day conference at the University of Western Australia. Perth Crypto Crew, a Facebook group with over 6,650 members, provides an online community for crypto enthusiasts.

Perth’s baseball team, Perth Heat, made headlines by becoming the first professional sports team to offer players and staff the choice to get paid in Bitcoin. The team made this announcement in November 2021, coinciding with Bitcoin’s all-time high.

If you’re an aspiring blockchain entrepreneur in Perth, The Blockchain Centre Perth offers a co-working space for blockchain, tech, and investment businesses. It provides affordable office spaces and a taste of the stereotypical tech life, complete with basketball courts and ping-pong tables.

Notable Crypto Projects and Companies in Perth 💼

While major crypto exchanges like Binance, CoinJar, and CoinSpot have set up shop on the East coast of Australia, Perth is home to some heavy-hitters in the crypto industry. DigitalX, one of Australia’s biggest digital asset investment firms, is headquartered in West Perth and provides institutional-grade access to digital assets for wholesale investors.

Bamboo, a micro-investing crypto app, is gaining popularity in Perth for its easy entry point into crypto investing. The app links to your bank account, rounds up your everyday transactions, and invests the spare change in crypto. Bamboo also focuses on crypto educational content through its blog and Australia’s largest crypto podcast, Crypto Curious.

PowerLedger, a respected blockchain project, originated and operates out of Perth. They have developed a groundbreaking renewable energy blockchain trading platform that allows consumers and producers to track, trace, and trade every kilowatt of energy produced off-grid.

Mining Store, a company that sells crypto mining equipment, conducts operations in Perth. Bitcoin mining has become increasingly popular in Perth, with individuals and businesses utilizing solar energy to lower the rising cost of electricity.

Perth’s Crypto Financial Infrastructure 💲

Perth has embraced crypto with over 20 Bitcoin ATMs scattered around the city. While you’ll find most of them at major shopping centers, some are located in less expected places like the Glendalough Laundromat. However, Bitcoin ATMs haven’t gained the same popularity in Perth as in other parts of Australia, with most people participating in crypto through exchanges.

Where Can I Spend Crypto in Perth? 🛒

Perth has over 30 businesses that now accept crypto payments, according to Coinmap. If you’re a gin lover, Frisk Small Bar in the CBD is a crypto-friendly establishment. Beyond The Trap Door specializes in exotic attire and lingerie, catering to customers who want to spice things up in the bedroom without it appearing on their bank statements. Aiyana Retreat in Denmark offers a luxurious weekend getaway, accepting crypto in exchange for a truly relaxing escape. Techniq Computer Solutions allows you to pay with crypto for your computer repair needs.

Perth’s Blockchain Education Courses 🎓

Perth institutions, such as the University of Western Australia (UWA) and Curtin University, have embraced blockchain technology and offer various blockchain courses. UWA received funding from Binance to enhance its blockchain program, including launching a full master’s program and establishing a metaverse lab. UWA also hosts the UWA Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference annually.

Curtin University established the Blockchain Research and Development Lab in 2019, aiming to upskill and prepare the workforce for a blockchain-based economy. They also offer a cryptocurrency PhD scholarship fund, allowing individuals and companies to donate crypto to support blockchain-related research.

Perth’s real estate professionals can also benefit from blockchain training. The Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) launched a compulsory professional development (CPD) blockchain training course to provide insights into how blockchain can benefit the real estate industry.

Perth’s Crypto Controversies and Collapses ⚠️

Perth has not been immune to crypto controversies and collapses. Andrew Forrest, one of Australia’s wealthiest individuals, sued Meta (formerly Facebook) for not adequately preventing fake ads using his name to scam people into crypto schemes. Perth Glory, a soccer club, faced scrutiny when a potential buyer, connected to the London Football Exchange, was revealed to have a shady past involving tax scams and criminal activities.

Perthians have also fallen victim to scams, with 71 individuals conned out of nearly $4.1 million in 2022. Crypto trading “education” has also come under scrutiny, with a Perth-based crypto influencer facing legal consequences after providing subpar services.

Notable Crypto Figures Shaping Perth’s Landscape 🧙‍♀️🔥

Perth is home to several prominent figures in the crypto space. Michael Prendiville, co-founder of JellyC, and Blake Cassidy, CEO of Bamboo, are actively shaping the crypto landscape in Perth. PowerLedger founders Jemma Green and John Bulich, along with Lisa Wade, CEO of DigitalX, are influential figures in the industry.

Local experts, such as Andrzej Gwizdalski, a blockchain lecturer at UWA, and Dirk Baur, the head of UWA’s blockchain and cryptocurrency research center, contribute to Perth’s blockchain education initiatives. Leigh Travers, former CEO of Binance Australia, Ermin Nurovic from dHEDGE, and David Beros from BalthazarDAO, are also notable figures in Perth’s crypto scene.

Future Outlook and Investment Recommendations 📈💡

Perth’s crypto culture is growing steadily, with increased interest from both individuals and businesses. The city’s isolation has fostered a unique crypto community that continues to build momentum. As Perth further develops its financial infrastructure and educational programs, it presents promising opportunities for startups and investors in the blockchain industry.

While Perth may be geographically isolated, its vibrant and enthusiastic crypto community is more connected than ever. With ongoing support from organizations like Blockchain Australia and the Australian DeFi Association, Perth’s crypto scene is poised for further growth.

For those looking to invest in Perth’s crypto projects, keep an eye on DigitalX, Bamboo, PowerLedger, and upcoming projects focused on real-world asset tokenization. Remember that the crypto landscape continues to evolve, so comprehensive research and a solid investment plan are crucial.


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