Valkyrie gets approval for Ethereum Futures ETF, trading starts tomorrow

Valkyrie gets approval for Ethereum Futures ETF, trading starts tomorrow

Valkyrie Investments Granted Approval for Ethereum Futures ETF by SEC

In an exciting development for the blockchain industry, Valkyrie Investments has received approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to launch the first-ever exchange-traded fund (ETF) featuring Ethereum (ETH) futures. This puts Valkyrie at the forefront among nine issuers vying to provide investors with a new opportunity to speculate on the future price of the world’s second-largest digital asset through an ETF.

Enhancing Retail Participation in the Crypto Market

Ether, the native token of the Ethereum blockchain, currently holds a value of approximately $1,659 per token. Valkyrie’s goal is to enhance retail participation in the crypto market by introducing an ETF that tracks Ether futures. This move opens up new avenues for investors who may have been hesitant to directly invest in cryptocurrencies but are more comfortable with traditional investment vehicles such as ETFs.

Valkyrie Investments plans to merge its existing Bitcoin (BTC) futures ETF with the newly introduced Ether futures ETF, creating a combined fund named “the Valkyrie Bitcoin and Ether Strategy ETF.” This strategic move allows investors to diversify their exposure to both Bitcoin and Ethereum in a single fund. Notably, the ETF’s ticker on Nasdaq, BTF, will remain unchanged.

Responding to Potential Government Shutdown

Originally scheduled to commence trading on October 3, Valkyrie expedited its launch due to the possibility of a government shutdown that could limit SEC operations. With nearly two million federal workers facing potential layoffs without a funding agreement, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler urged companies planning to go public to expedite their offerings before any shutdown occurs.

To ensure a smooth launch, Valkyrie Investments quickly adapted to the circumstances and secured approval from the SEC. However, the fate of other Ether futures ETF applicants is still uncertain, as the SEC has requested that they update their filings with any additional information by Friday afternoon.

The Significance of Ethereum Futures ETF

The approval of the Ethereum futures ETF is a significant milestone in the evolution of the blockchain industry. It represents a move towards mainstream adoption and recognition of cryptocurrencies as legitimate investment assets. The introduction of an ETF that tracks Ethereum futures allows investors to participate in the potential growth of the cryptocurrency market without directly owning the underlying assets.

This development also reflects the growing interest in Ethereum as a digital asset over the past year. Ethereum’s robust blockchain infrastructure and the wide range of decentralized applications (dApps) built on top of it have captured the attention of investors and developers alike. The valuation of Ether has seen substantial growth, making it an attractive investment option.

The Future of Blockchain-Backed ETFs

The approval of the Valkyrie Ethereum futures ETF sets a precedent for other blockchain-based ETFs to follow. As more institutional investors and retail participants enter the crypto market, the introduction of ETFs tracking various digital assets will likely keep gaining momentum.

Blockchain technology has transformative potential beyond cryptocurrencies. Its decentralized and transparent nature ensures security, scalability, and immutability in a wide range of applications, including supply chain management, healthcare, and finance. As the blockchain industry continues to mature, more investment opportunities will arise, making ETFs a convenient avenue for investors to participate in this dynamic ecosystem.


Valkyrie Investments’ approval for the Ethereum futures ETF by the SEC marks an important milestone for the blockchain industry. With the introduction of this ETF, retail investors have an opportunity to participate in the potential growth of Ethereum without dealing with the complexities of owning and storing cryptocurrencies directly. This development reflects the increasing interest in cryptocurrencies, particularly Ethereum, as a mainstream investment asset.

As the blockchain industry evolves, we can expect additional ETFs tracking different digital assets to enter the market. These investment vehicles provide a gateway for investors to engage with blockchain technology and participate in its growth. The approval of the Valkyrie Ethereum futures ETF demonstrates the increasing recognition and adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology by traditional financial institutions and regulators.

ETH has upward momentum, with a 3.7% gain in the past 24 hours. Source: ETHUSDT on

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