Traders are watching if Bitcoin can reach $30,000 this week, as they are interested in a new cryptocurrency presale called Bitcoin Minetrix, which offers utility mining with stake.

Traders are watching if Bitcoin can reach $30,000 this week, as they are interested in a new cryptocurrency presale called Bitcoin Minetrix, which offers utility mining with stake.

The Rise of Bitcoin Minetrix: Revolutionizing Cloud Mining and Staking in the Blockchain Industry

Bitcoin Minetrix

The blockchain industry has witnessed various innovations and developments in recent years, with Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) emerging as a revolutionary player. Unlike traditional mining solutions that require expensive rigs and technical expertise, Bitcoin Minetrix offers a decentralized cloud mining solution powered by stake-to-mine technology.

Combining the Power of Mining and Staking

Bitcoin Minetrix has cleverly tapped into two popular Bitcoin investment themes – mining and staking. By leveraging ERC-20 token staking and Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin Minetrix offers users a unique opportunity to earn credits that can be directly deployed to mine Bitcoin. This feature not only incentivizes long-term adoption but also alleviates selling pressure at launch.

To date, there are already 383,179 BTCMTX tokens staked in the Ethereum-based smart contract, with rewards generated at a rate of 158.5 BTCMTX per ETH block over a two-year period. The current annual percentage yield (APY) is an impressive 108,739%, although it may reduce as more stakers join the pool. The proportion of total staking pool owned determines the exact size of rewards earned by individual stakers.

BTCMTX: The Penny Crypto with Explosive Potential

Priced at just $0.011, BTCMTX is an ultra-low-cap penny cryptocurrency positioned to capture the value of a Bitcoin-like price explosion. Amidst the Bitcoin price’s sideways trading and restrained liquidity, traders are seeking alternatives. Bitcoin derivative and clone coins have gained traction, offering value differentials when measured against Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Minetrix stands out among Bitcoin derivative coins due to its stake-to-mine feature, which catapults it into the league of quality Bitcoin derivative coins like Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV). While BCH and BSV are forks of the original Bitcoin blockchain, BTCMTX is directly related to the Bitcoin network through its contribution to the hash power, the measure of computing power dedicated to running the proof-of-work protocol.

Advantages of Tokenized Cloud Mining

Cloud mining has been plagued by numerous scams, making it challenging for users to distinguish legitimate services. However, Bitcoin Minetrix addresses these concerns through a fully decentralized architecture and user-owned tradable tokens. Unlike traditional cloud mining services that often involve cash deposits and complicated contracts, Bitcoin Minetrix offers a cost-effective and user-controlled solution.

By tokenizing the cloud mining process, Bitcoin Minetrix eliminates the need for money exchanges. Claims on the BTC Minetrix cloud platform are secured based on the number of tokens staked. The stake-to-mine system puts users in control, allowing them to determine the amount of Bitcoin mining power they want to own, directly correlated with the credits earned.

Moreover, Bitcoin Minetrix operates on the Ethereum blockchain, resulting in lower costs and higher efficiency. The network utilizes smart contracts to auto-manage user allocations, benefiting from Ethereum’s status as the most secure smart contract platform in existence.

Here is a comparison between Bitcoin Minetrix and traditional cloud mining:

Bitcoin Minetrix Traditional Cloud Mining
Cost Entry Point Low – Presale (no minimum buy) High – Large minimum amounts
Safety and Security Decentralized, user-owned tradable tokens Cash deposits required
Risk User-controlled, easy withdraw & sell No refunds, long-term commitments
Simplicity Buy with ETH/BNB/USDT/card, stake and burn Complicated contracts
Lock-in Period Variable dependent on staking Fixed timeframe

Cloud Mining and Bitcoin Minetrix: A Secure Solution

Cloud mining has emerged as an attractive alternative for Bitcoin mining but has been plagued by scams. Bitcoin Minetrix, on the other hand, mitigates these risks through a fully audited smart contract by Coinsult, ensuring user security. The decentralized nature of Bitcoin Minetrix eliminates the need for cash deposits, and blockchain technology enables easy withdrawals and seamless conversion into other cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, or fiat.

Unlike individual mining endeavors, Bitcoin Minetrix offers a user-friendly experience by eliminating the need for technical expertise in setting up mining rigs and software. Additionally, Bitcoin Minetrix outperforms mining pools, which distribute block rewards based on ownership proportion. While mining pool earnings are typically negligible, Bitcoin Minetrix offers greater control and decentralization for its users.

How to Purchase Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX)

Bitcoin Minetrix is currently in its Phase 1 presale stage, with subsequent phases covering development, launch, and mass adoption. To purchase BTCMTX tokens, users can use ETH, USDT, or a bank card. Those planning to stake-to-earn with ETH should ensure a small amount of ETH for gas fees.

Bitcoin Minetrix presents a solid use case, a first-mover advantage, and a direct connection to the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency. Visit the Bitcoin Minetrix website for more information.

Disclaimer: Investing in crypto assets carries high risks. This article is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. Capital loss is possible.

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