Trade Rare Bitcoin with Bitcoin Magazine.

Trade Rare Bitcoin with Bitcoin Magazine.

The Emergence of the Rare Bitcoin Market

Bitcoin Magazine is excited to announce the official launch of its new over-the-counter service, Rare B.TC. This white-glove brokerage specializes in the authentication and sale of rare bitcoins, including rare sats (bitcoins that have a history or provenance that makes them more valuable to collectors) and rare inscriptions. This new service aims to address the difficulty faced by collectors in finding rare bitcoins, which is currently hindered by the lack of a comprehensive platform to access the full range of available inventory.

The Rarity of Bitcoin

Bitcoin, the pioneer of cryptocurrency, has created a vast digital ledger known as the blockchain, which records all transactions made using the currency. Within this expansive ecosystem, certain bitcoins hold unique value due to their scarcity and historical significance. These rare sats and inscriptions represent a new and emerging segment of the Bitcoin space, offering collectors the opportunity to own pieces of digital history.

Rare Sats

Rare B.TC offers a range of rare sats sourced from various exchanges, mining firms, and private collectors. These include:

  • Uncommon Sat: The first satoshi of each new Bitcoin block. With over 700,000 blocks mined on the blockchain, there is one uncommon satoshi affiliated with every block.

  • Rare Sat: The first satoshi of the first block of each difficulty adjustment period. As of now, there are only 350+ rare sats in existence.

  • 2009 Uncommon Sat: Uncommon sats mined in the first year of Bitcoin’s existence. With approximately 32,000 blocks solved in 2009, these sats are considered some of the rarest uncommons.

  • Hal Finney Sats: Bitcoin linked to wallets associated with the first Bitcoin user, Hal Finney. The authentication of these sats can be verified on the Bitcoin blockchain or by the Hal Finney estate.

  • Block 9 Sats: Bitcoins mined on the blockchain’s ninth block and spent in the world’s first peer-to-peer transaction when Satoshi sent Hal Finney 10 BTC.

Rare Inscriptions

Apart from rare sats, Rare B.TC also offers access to rare inscriptions embedded in the blockchain. These inscriptions include some of the first 100 ordinals inscriptions. These unique and historically significant markers add value to the collectible nature of the bitcoins.

The Rare Bitcoin Market

As an emerging market segment, the rare bitcoin market is still in its infancy. Due to the exclusivity and limited supply of certain items, availability may vary, and sourcing rare bitcoins may require additional time. Nonetheless, Rare B.TC is committed to providing collectors with access to exotic options and facilitating the private sale of rare bitcoins.

The Expertise of Rare B.TC

To ensure authenticity and quality, Rare B.TC’s team comprises experts who have extensive experience in the field. They have been responsible for selling millions of dollars worth of original Bitcoin artwork and artifacts at the annual Bitcoin conference. With their knowledge and expertise, collectors can have confidence in the integrity and provenance of the rare bitcoins offered by Rare B.TC.


The emergence of the rare bitcoin market opens up exciting opportunities for collectors to own unique pieces of digital history. With Rare B.TC’s white-glove service, collectors now have access to a comprehensive range of rare sats and inscriptions. While the market is still in its early stages, the potential for growth and the scarcity of these items make them increasingly valuable. To learn more about Rare B.TC and its offerings, visit their website or book an appointment today. Start collecting rare bitcoins and become a part of this fascinating new market.

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