Toyota GR Cup will award digital trophies on Polygon blockchain to race winners.

Toyota GR Cup will award digital trophies on Polygon blockchain to race winners.

The Intersection of Racing and Blockchain: Toyota’s Move to Digital Trophies

Image source: Toyota press release.

The Toyota GR Cup, a North American racing series held by Toyota Gazoo Racing, recently made an exciting announcement that has set the motorsport community abuzz. In a move that merges the world of racing with the technology of blockchain, the GR Cup will now award digital trophies and record driver performances on the Polygon blockchain.

The introduction of the blockchain-enabled awards system signifies a significant step forward in the evolution of the racing industry. Digital trophies will be bestowed upon the drivers who achieve podium positions, demonstrating their exceptional skills and accomplishments. These trophies will not merely serve as tokens of achievement, but they will also be accompanied by detailed information about the race and the drivers’ performances.

Jack Irving, the executive commercial director for Toyota Racing Development (TRD), shed light on the motivations behind integrating blockchain technology into the racing series. Irving emphasized that blockchain’s ability to provide a permanent digital record of drivers’ achievements is a game-changer. This digital record allows drivers to share their accomplishments with their friends, family, and fans. Furthermore, the technology presents an opportunity to introduce race fans to Toyota’s valued partners.

The Toyota Gazoo Racing league and the GR Cup were designed to offer an immersive experience for fans. In a similar vein to popular racing video games, real-world GR Cup drivers begin their journey with a stock Toyota GR86, equipped with only factory-available options. However, their vehicles then undergo a transformation in the TRD garage, where they receive official Toyota racing gear. This standardized hardware ensures that all drivers start each race on equal footing.

This foray into the blockchain industry is not new for Toyota. The automotive giant has been involved in exploring blockchain technology since 2016 when it became a member of the R3 Consortium, a partnership focused on researching and developing blockchain solutions. This commitment led Toyota to establish its own Toyota Blockchain Lab in 2019, further solidifying its dedication to leveraging the potential of blockchain technology.

As of now, it remains unclear whether fans will have direct interaction with the digital trophies or if Toyota plans to mint digital collectibles. However, the press release highlights that drivers will have convenient access to their previous accomplishments, allowing them to reflect on their journey before and after events. This ease of access adds another layer of engagement for both drivers and fans alike.

The next races in the GR Cup series will be held at the Big Machine Music City Grand Prix in Nashville, Tennessee, from August 4th to 6th, allowing audiences to witness the exciting fusion of traditional motorsport and cutting-edge blockchain innovation.


Toyota’s decision to integrate digital trophies and blockchain technology into its racing series represents a significant milestone in the racing industry’s digital transformation. With the ability to record and showcase drivers’ achievements permanently, blockchain technology enhances the fan experience by allowing them to actively engage with their favorite drivers. Moreover, such integration opens up new avenues for partnerships and collaborations, highlighting the potential for blockchain technology to revolutionize various industries. As Toyota continues to explore and embrace blockchain’s power, the future of racing promises to be filled with even more excitement, both on and off the track.

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  • Putting Drivers on Equal Footing
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