Top 5 trending coins on Dextools today RefundCoin, GMFAM, Ben, Pepe, Papi Chulo


The cryptocurrency market for meme coins is currently experiencing a frenzy, with new coins appearing every day and many experiencing significant growth as investors search for the next successful meme coin.

Here are the top five trending Ethereum-based ERC-20 coins on DEX Tools, a decentralized exchange (DEX) analysis website.

RefundCoin (RFD)

RefundCoin currently holds the number 1 spot on DEX Tools’ trending coins list.

RFD/USD is trading at around $0.00007 per token on Uniswap, which is close to its recent all-time highs in the $0.0001 range. The token’s listing price was around $0.0000036, which means it has increased in value nearly 200 times.


According to Refund Coin’s Twitter account, the pseudonymous Ethereum wallet holder who launched the token is estimated to have a net worth of at least $100,000,000 and is considered an original Ether whale.


GMFAM, which stands for Good Morning Family, is currently trading just under 40.00000005 per token, having recently reached new record highs. The token’s market cap is just over $5 million, which means that early investors who bought in at the DEX listing price of $0.0000000003 five days ago could be seeing gains of around 160 times their initial investment.


According to GMFAM’s Twitter account, the meme coin project is in discussions with a number of CEXs to launch.

Ben (BEN)

BEN was taken over by controversial crypto influencer Ben Armstrong from Ben.eth a few weeks ago. Recently, the token reached all-time highs in the $0.00000029 range and is currently trading at around $0.000000175. This means that early investors who bought in when the token was trading at well under $0.000000003 could be seeing gains of at least 80 times their initial investment.


However, BEN appears to be on the verge of breaking a descending triangle, which could result in a significant drop in its value.

Pepe (PEPE)

Although it is still on DEX Tools’ top five trending list, enthusiasm for Pepe coin (PEPE) seems to be waning. The token is currently threatening to break below key resistance in the $0.0000012-13 range, which could result in a drop back to key support levels from earlier this month, around $0.0000009 and $0.00000076.


PEPE is a meme coin based on Pepe the frog that gained popularity in mid-April and reached a market capitalization of around $1.8 billion at its all-time high. At its current price, Pepe has a market capitalization of around $600 million, which limits its potential for growth – it is unlikely that Pepe will experience gains of more than 10 times its current value and become a coin with a market capitalization exceeding $6 billion.

Papi (PAPI)

Papi Chulo (PAPI) was launched just yesterday, but has already experienced significant growth. After listing at a price of $0.0000005 on Uniswap, the token has already gained more than 11 times its initial value and is currently trading at around $0.0000056.


According to the website of Papi Chulo, the meme coin will have a significant and meaningful application, but this application will remain unknown until the token is listed on 20 centralized exchanges.

The project also promises to reveal its roadmap once the token reaches 3,000 holders.

Meme Coin Alternatives to Consider

While the meme coins mentioned above do have the potential to offer investors substantial short-term gains, most of them will likely end up as “pump-and-dump” tokens, just like many other meme coins that have come and gone before.

Instead, investors might want to search for low-market-cap gems that offer a much better chance of posting gains of 10 or even 100 times.

Investing early in crypto token presales conducted by highly promising web3 startups has repeatedly proven to be one of the most effective ways to generate high returns.

Unlike meme coins like Pepe, these projects offer a real use case, which gives their tokens utility and real value, something Pepe completely lacks.

However, there are so many presale projects to choose from.

Fortunately, the team at spends a lot of time reviewing the presale market to identify the best projects.

Here are three of their current favorites:

AiDoge (AI) – Presale Nearly Sold Out

AiDoge (AI) is developing a fun AI-powered meme-generating tool and social media platform, and it could be the next token to skyrocket.

AiDoge is developing a platform where users can generate memes using cutting-edge generative AI technology and share them with the AiDoge community via the platform’s public wall.

The creators of the most popular memes will be rewarded with AiDoge’s native $AI token, which means that AiDoge is making the concept of “Meme-to-Earn” (M2E) a reality.

AiDoge has been conducting a public presale of its native $AI token to fund the development of its platform.

Investors should act quickly while they can still secure the token, as the presale is now close to selling out.

The AiDoge presale recently surpassed $14.6 million and will end when it reaches $14.9 million, which could happen by the end of the day.

Visit AiDoge Here

Ecoterra (ECOTERRA)

Ecoterra is the native cryptocurrency of an award-winning blockchain-run green ecosystem that incentivizes environmentally friendly behavior.

Ecoterra’s ecosystem includes a Recycle-to-Earn (R2E) platform, a carbon offset marketplace, a marketplace for recycled materials, and an impact profile.

The green web3 startup’s R2E app is supported in any country that uses Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs), which means a potentially large market.

Ecoterra is in the seventh stage of its ECOTERRA token presale, with tokens currently priced at just $0.0085.

The project has recently reached the significant milestone of raising over $4.3 million.

Potential investors should note that the presale price will soon rise to $0.00925, and the token will be listed on exchanges at $0.01, more than a 17% increase from current levels.

Visit Ecoterra Here

yPredict – Presale in Stage 4

Predicting price movements in the cryptocurrency market is challenging, even with years of experience in understanding macro, crypto fundamentals, and technical analysis.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, which has made significant strides in recent months, can provide assistance.

AI models can analyze vast amounts of price data to identify trends that would have gone unnoticed by the human eye.

Good models can give traders a valuable edge in the market.

It is thus hardly surprising that new crypto startup yPredict, which is developing a revolutionary new AI-powered trading signals platform, has generated enormous hype in the crypto space.

Using advanced predictive models and data insights developed by the top 1% AI developers and quants, yPredict plans to offer market participants an “unbeatable edge” with its platform currently under development.

The platform will provide users with AI trading signals, real-time analysis of social and news sentiment, AI technical analysis, and AI-powered chart pattern recognition.

To finance the development of its exciting platform, yPredict is currently conducting a highly popular presale of the YPRED crypto token, which will power the platform.

The presale, which is already in its sixth stage, has raised a whopping $1.75 million in just a few weeks.

Interested investors should act quickly to secure tokens while they are still priced at just $0.09 each. When the presale enters its next stage, the price will increase by 11% to $0.1, with the YPRED token set to be listed on major crypto exchanges later this year at $0.12.

This means that investors who invest now will have paper gains of approximately 33% when YPRED ICOs.

Visit yPredict Now

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