TON Foundation is a Swiss non-profit organization.

TON Foundation is a Swiss non-profit organization.

The Open Network Foundation Launches as a Swiss Non-profit Organization

Zug, Switzerland, September 6th, 2023, Chainwire – The Open Network Foundation (TON Foundation), a non-profit organization supporting the growth of The Open Network (TON), has announced its official launch as a Swiss non-profit organization. Switzerland, renowned for its history of technological innovations and its clear legal framework surrounding blockchain and cryptocurrency, provides the ideal environment for TON Foundation’s mission in supporting the TON ecosystem.

The Significance of Regulatory Clarity

The regulatory clarity offered by Switzerland is vital for the long-term planning, strategy, and execution of TON Foundation’s mission. By operating within a well-defined legal framework, the foundation can effectively navigate and respond to the evolving industry and drive the growth of the TON ecosystem.

A Focus on Governance and Transparency

TON Foundation aims to serve the Toncoin community by prioritizing strong governance and transparency. The foundation will adhere to Swiss regulations and commit to providing detailed transparency reports. These reports will offer insights into the tokenomics of Toncoin, including token issuance, partnership allocation, development, community incentives, and asset breakdown for operational expenses and ecosystem growth.

Initiatives and Roadmap for Growth

In addition to its official launch, TON Foundation has a series of upcoming initiatives planned. These initiatives include partnerships and integrations that incentivize developer acquisition, user participation, and network growth.

To guide its endeavors and communicate its plans effectively, the foundation will release a publicly available roadmap on the newly launched website, The roadmap aims to educate the public, empower development, and expand the TON ecosystem.

Gateway – An Event for Engagement

As part of its commitment to openness and engagement, TON Foundation will host an annual event called Gateway. This event will provide an opportunity for the TON community and partners to come together and engage in productive discussions and collaborative initiatives. Topics will span across various industries, including privacy, ownership, finance, gaming, collectibles, and more.

About TON Foundation

The Open Network Foundation (TON Foundation) is a non-profit organization founded in Switzerland to support The Open Network (TON). The foundation is 100% funded by the community and acts on behalf of the community to achieve TON’s mission.

For more information, please visit TON Foundation’s official website, Linkedin, Twitter, or Telegram.

About The Open Network (TON)

The Open Network (TON) is revolutionizing the accessibility of cryptocurrency by building a Web3 ecosystem within Telegram Messenger. With TON, billions of people can own their digital identity, data, and assets. Visit TON’s website for more information.


TON Foundation: [email protected]

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