Threads copies Twitter by introducing rate limits to combat bots.

Threads copies Twitter by introducing rate limits to combat bots.

The Growing Issue of Spam Attacks and Crypto-Shilling Bots on Instagram Threads

Adam Mosseri’s explanation for the introduction of rate limits on Threads. Source: Threads Adam Mosseri’s explanation for the introduction of rate limits on Threads. Source: Threads

Instagram Threads, the Twitter alternative created by Mark Zuckerberg, has recently faced a surge in spam attacks and crypto-shilling bots. In response to the growing number of reports, Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced the implementation of rate limits on the Threads app. This move aims to counter the spam attacks, but it also unintentionally limits active users due to false positives.

The rate limits act as a protective measure, but they may inadvertently restrict genuine user activity. Mosseri urged users who are affected by these limitations to reach out to the Instagram team. The need for rate limits became evident as users reported spending a significant amount of time blocking bots that were promoting gambling and crypto sites.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, couldn’t resist commenting on the situation. In response to a screenshot of the announcement posted on Twitter, Musk humorously replied, “lmaooo copy 🐈”. This playful jab highlights the competition between the two social media platforms.

Interestingly, Twitter also recently imposed rate limits, although for a different reason. Twitter’s decision was prompted by extreme levels of data scraping from external organizations. Currently, verified Twitter users can view up to 15,000 posts per day, while unverified and new unverified accounts are limited to 1,500 and 1,000 posts per day, respectively.

Despite a record-breaking uptake in new users, with over 100 million users joining within five days of its launch, Threads has struggled to keep people engaged. Olivia Moore, a partner at crypto venture capital firm a16z, discovered that just one week after its launch, daily active users on Threads had dropped by 40%, and the average daily time per user had decreased by threefold.

Moore suggests that importing users directly from Instagram may not work well for a Twitter-esque app like Threads. By linking user accounts to their real-life identities on Instagram, the platform discourages the anonymous accounts and fan pages that are common on Twitter. Twitter’s unique social graph and interest graph, developed over a decade, are difficult to replicate, even with a copycat product like Threads.

The issues faced by Threads shed light on the challenges of creating a successful alternative to established social media platforms. Building a thriving user base requires more than just copying features; it necessitates understanding the underlying networks and user identities that have developed over time. Without these foundational elements, even the most well-intentioned attempts can struggle to gain traction.

In conclusion, the blockchain industry is not immune to the challenges faced by traditional social media platforms. The rise of spam attacks and crypto-shilling bots on Instagram Threads is a reminder that maintaining user engagement and combating malicious activities are ongoing battles for any online platform. Additionally, the struggles faced by Threads in its attempt to compete with Twitter highlight the difficulty of replicating a well-established social graph and interest graph. As the blockchain industry continues to evolve, these challenges will drive the development of innovative solutions to secure and enhance user experiences.

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