Some trending crypto coins include Pepe 2.0, Refund Token, Safemoon 3.0, and Shib 2.0.

The broader crypto market sentiment has been negatively affected on Friday, as bitcoin (BTC) is down approximately 1.5% and has dropped back to the low $30,000 range. This follows reports that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has deemed recent spot bitcoin ETF filings, such as those from BlackRock, as “inadequate”.

It is possible that the market’s reaction is an overreaction, as simply reapplying could address the SEC’s concerns.

Regardless, this news is weighing down on major cryptocurrencies, although it hasn’t been enough to dampen the momentum of certain major altcoins and meme coins.

Bitcoin alternatives are still experiencing significant gains, with eCash (XEC) up over 55% in the last 24 hours, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) up over 21%, Litecoin (LTC) up over 13%, Bitcoin SV (BSV) up nearly 10%, and Zcash (ZEC) up close to 9%.

Meanwhile, 2.0 versions of popular meme coins are also gaining attention on Friday.

Here are the hottest pairs according to Decentralized Exchange (DEX) analytics website DEX Tools.

Shib 2.0 (SHIB2.0)

While the original SHIB continues to struggle, Shib 2.0 (SHIB2.0) has been on a significant rise since its DEX launch three days ago.

SHIB2.0 is currently trading above $0.003, an astonishing increase of over 1000x compared to its DEX launch price of under $0.000003.

Bulls are hoping to push the meme coin back to its record highs in the $0.007 area, which were achieved on Thursday.

With a market cap still barely exceeding $3 million, SHIB2.0 still has plenty of room for further growth.

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Pepe 2.0 (PEPE2.0)

Similar to SHIB2.0, Pepe 2.0 (PEPE2.0) is also experiencing significant gains.

PEPE2.0 is currently trading just above $0.00000007, a remarkable increase of over 7000x compared to its DEX launch price of under $0.00000000001 (yes, ten zeros!) three days ago.

However, considering that the Pepe copycat now has a market cap in the range of $30 million, the potential for further upside may become somewhat limited from this point on.

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Pepe (PEPE)

Pepe (PEPE), the largest meme coin by market capitalization launched this year, has returned to the top five trending coins, with trading volumes of nearly $5 million in the past 24 hours.

PEPE is currently within its weekly range in the $0.0000015 area, an impressive increase of nearly 2x compared to earlier monthly lows.

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Refund Token (RFD)

After experiencing a sharp decline from its all-time highs around $0.0001 in May, Refund Token (RFD) is attempting a recovery on Friday.

However, with a current price of only around $0.000008, investors who bought at the peak are still facing losses of over 90%.

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SafeMoon 3.0 (SFM3.0)

A newly launched copycat version of SafeMoon called SafeMoon 3.0 (SFM3.0) has already achieved gains of over 6x since its DEX launch price.

SFM3.0 was last trading above $0.00000003, having launched under $0.000000005.

The new coin has already seen trading volumes of over $1.5 million, impressive given its still tiny market cap of only around $100,000.

SafeMoon 3.0 has already locked liquidity, easing rug pull concerns.

Visit SFM.30 on DEXTools .

SFM3.0 was recently traded at a price higher than $0.00000003, after being introduced at a price lower than $0.000000005. The new coin has already achieved trading volumes surpassing $1.5 million, which is noteworthy considering its relatively small market capitalization of approximately $100,000. SafeMoon 3.0 has already secured its liquidity, reducing concerns about sudden market manipulation. You can check out SFM.30 on DEXTools.

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