Serve Robotics partners with Uber Eats for smooth meal delivery

Serve Robotics has expanded its partnership with Uber Eats, deploying up to 2,000 delivery robots across the United States. Reports indicate that Serve Robotics’ autonomous sidewalk delivery robots will be available to deliver goods through Uber’s platform in several US markets. The Serve Robotics-Uber Eats partnership will last until early 2026.

Regarding the joint initiative, Ali Kashani, Serve’s co-founder and CEO stated:

“We expect our rapid growth on Uber Eats to continue. We currently have a fleet of 100 robots in Los Angeles, and we expect to operate an increasing number of them on Uber Eats as our coverage and delivery volume on Uber increases.”

Serve Robotics-Uber Eats Partnership Mutually Progressive for Both Platforms

The collaboration between both platforms highlights Serve’s commitment to improving autonomous delivery with its commercialized robotics. Additionally, the Serve and Uber Eats partnership also supports the food delivery platform’s dedication to autonomous services.

Uber (NYSE: UBER) is currently involved in several autonomy-as-a-service deals for its ride-hailing and delivery platforms. For example, last week, the San Francisco-based company announced the integration of Waymo’s self-driving cars into its service feature later this year. According to Uber, the service rollout will begin in Phoenix, Arizona. The package delivery platform is also collaborating with autonomous vehicle technology company Motional to deliver meals in Santa Monica, California. Previous reports also indicate that the delivery initiative will involve Serve Robotics.

The Serve-Uber partnership began as a pilot program a year ago and has grown more than 30% month-over-month. Currently, Serve’s robotic deliveries aided by Uber cover a network of over 200 restaurants in Hollywood, West Hollywood, and Fairfax. Furthermore, Kashani stated that Serve’s delivery robots currently operate every day between 10 am and 9 pm. However, the company shares its robotic fleet with other partners, including 7-Eleven.

Although Serve did not specify its next target markets with the expanded Uber Eats partnership, the company is eyeing San Jose and Dallas. Additionally, Serve plans to expand into Vancouver, Canada. The Los Angeles-based robotics company recently completed pilots with Pizza Hut in Vancouver and Walmart (NYSE: WMT) in Arkansas. Although the financial details of the deals were not disclosed, Kashani stated that Serve operates a delivery-as-a-service business model. This means that the robotics platform receives payment on a per-delivery basis.

Serve Robotics

Serve is a designer, developer, and operator of zero-emission public service robots with a fleet of Level 4 autonomous sidewalk bots. This operational designation means the machines can function adequately with minimal human intervention. Although tasks include driving competently in certain conditions, the bots require remote human supervision when encountering certain cases, including ongoing construction or police tapes. However, Kashani stated that Serve’s robots are capable of rerouting should they face pathway obstacles. The CEO also added that the robotics could avoid collision autonomously by predicting driver inattention. However, supervisors usually assist with street crossings.

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