SEBA Bank exec sees institutional interest as a positive sign for crypto.

According to an executive from SEBA Bank, as more institutions start investing in Web3 projects, getting into crypto is becoming a matter of “when” rather than “if”. This was discussed by chartered financial analyst Nasha Afshar, who works as a director at SEBA Bank, during the World Token Summit. Afshar talked about institutional interest and adoption of crypto, as well as recent trends. He noted that during the bull run, many expressed interest in the crypto space, but fewer acted on it than what he is seeing today. He cited Citadel backing a crypto exchange, BlackRock applying for a spot Bitcoin ETF, and others like WisdomTree and Invesco doing the same as “an extremely bullish sign for the industry”. Afshar also discussed trends in Abu Dhabi Global Markets, where SEBA Bank has an office, and noted that there is already “not just a shift in terms of thought, but a shift in terms of action that this industry will become bigger”.

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