Sam Bankman-Fried’s Alameda Research lost billions but the liquidators were able to scavenge $110 million worth of Bitcoin

Liquidators responsible for recovering assets for the now disgraced Alameda Research hedge fund, founded by Sam Bankman-Fried, are currently in control of over $110 million worth of Bitcoin held in various wallets, according to a report provided by blockchain analysis firm Arkham Intelligence. The report revealed that as recently as March 2023, these wallets have been receiving BTC from exchanges and cold wallets.

The combination of these wallets provides insight into the liquidators’ collection of BTC from Alameda’s holdings. A recent transaction in April involved a 1 BTC test from Alameda’s Merchant wallet, which was later sent to a holding address now under the control of Alameda’s Liquidators, known as ‘Alameda Merchant 1.’ Since the beginning of 2023, this address has accumulated 3,581 BTC, worth approximately $97.19 million at current prices.

The report states that “In total, Alameda’s liquidators have managed to secure 4,083 BTC (currently $110.81M) sourced from:

  • Other Alameda Wallets: 34.94 BTC (currently worth $948.27K)
  • Deribit: 467.366 BTC (currently worth $12.68M)
  • WBTC Custodian: 2997 BTC (currently worth $81.34M)
  • Bitfinex: 298.027 BTC (currently worth $8.09M)
  • Unlabelled Wallets (possibly an Exchange): 286.7 BTC (currently worth $7.78M)”

“However, this is only a fraction of the BTC that Alameda controlled in the past,” the report noted. “Wallets connected to this network of Alameda’s BTC activity were worth at peak over $800M, with Alameda likely holding more BTC in Centralized Exchanges or unlinked Cold Wallets.”

Arkham Intelligence stated that it will continue to monitor the on-chain activity of Alameda’s liquidators.

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