Ronaldo partners with Binance for his second NFT collection.

Cristiano Ronaldo has expanded his presence in the world of NFTs by launching his second NFT on Binance on June 3. On July 2, Ronaldo announced the NFT on his official Twitter page. In English, he said:

“I am excited to launch my 2nd collection of NFTs on #Binance! Join me on my NFT journey. ForeverCR7: The GOAT collection coming soon! Let’s go!”

The post received over 80,000 likes, showing the interest of his fans. After launching it today, he also announced it on his Twitter page.

“I’m proud to announce that my new NFT collection ‘Forever CR7: The Goat’ NFT is live on @Binance now! Head over to the Binance NFT Marketplace to own historic goalscoring moments from my record-breaking career. Explore now: [link]”

– Cristiano Ronaldo (@Cristiano) July 3, 2023

Features of Ronaldo’s Second NFT Collection

The NFT collection is named ‘Forever CR7: The GOAT’ and focuses on Ronaldo’s significant career achievements, especially his goals on the football pitch as the greatest goalscorer of all time. The collection consists of 20 different designs, each representing a significant goal from Ronaldo’s career, and they are categorized into four tiers of rarity: Super Super Rare, Super Rare, Rare, and Normal.

The Super Super Rare tier represents special collections that come with advantages such as a once-in-a-lifetime training session with Cristiano Ronaldo, a Binance football shirt signed by Ronaldo, and a free ticket to a future Binance Blockchain Week, among other benefits. To participate in the Super Super Rare NFT sale, you must take part in the 48-hour auction that started at 14:00 UTC today.

There are seven Super Super Rare NFTs, and six of them will be available through a bidding system. The auction, which has already started, began at $15,000, and the highest bidder will acquire the token. The last token in the collection will be reserved for special giveaways, as stated by Binance on its official page.

Binance will also distribute 120 Super Rare NFTs and 1200 Rare NFTs. The Super Rare NFTs will be priced at $300, while the Rare NFTs will be priced at $30. There are also lower-priced options called ‘Normal NFTs,’ which can be obtained through the ForeverCR7 boxes. Each box contains 7 NFTs and is priced at just $10.

Binance Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Yi He stated in June:

“As the first drop was the most successful athlete NFT collection of all time, we wanted to keep building and creating more value for our community with this second collection.”

The Second NFT Collection May Perform Better Than the First

Although the first NFT collection can be considered the most successful by any athlete, as mentioned by the Co-Founder of Binance, its performance may have been affected by the state of the crypto market at the time of its launch. Firstly, it was launched when many cryptocurrencies were performing below their best. Secondly, it came a week after the FTX crash, which impacted the entire crypto and NFT markets.

The FTX crash shook the crypto market and created negative sentiment towards crypto and digital assets like NFTs. With the impact of the crash reduced and many cryptocurrencies even experiencing price increases for various reasons, this second release may attract more fans and is likely to perform better than the first collection.

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