Ripple’s partner Corpay has launched an internal invoicing tool called Netting Manager.

Ripple's partner Corpay has launched an internal invoicing tool called Netting Manager.

The Impact of Netting Manager: Streamlining Internal Invoice Settlements for Corporations

Corpay, a global leader in business payments and a partner of Ripple Labs Inc., has recently launched an innovative tool called Netting Manager. This tool aims to automate and streamline the process of internal invoice settling for corporations with subsidiaries spread across the globe. By addressing issues such as lack of transparency, payment date uncertainty, and unnecessary FX conversion and transaction costs, Netting Manager brings a much-needed solution to the table.

The Challenges Faced by Corporations

One of the significant challenges faced by multinational corporations is the lack of transparency due to the decentralized nature of their subsidiaries. Each subsidiary may have its own payment schedules, currency conversions, and associated costs, making it difficult for the parent company to gain a comprehensive overview of their financial obligations. This lack of visibility increases the chances of overpayment, duplicate payments, and foreign exchange exposure.

Furthermore, manual settlement processes require extensive resources and time, making them inefficient and prone to errors, especially for smaller companies with limited resources. The existing netting solutions in the market often have complex onboarding requirements, resulting in higher costs and acting as a barrier for smaller companies. These challenges call for an automated and streamlined solution that can simplify the internal invoice settlement process.

Introducing Netting Manager: A User-Friendly Solution

Netting Manager, developed by Corpay, aims to address the complexities surrounding internal invoice settlements for multinational corporations. What sets it apart from existing solutions is its streamlined and user-friendly design. Unlike its counterparts that require extensive onboarding, Netting Manager can be implemented within days, providing corporations of all sizes the flexibility and efficiency they need.

The tool employs the financial technique of intercompany netting. It consolidates each subsidiary’s payments into a single local currency transaction, allowing companies to streamline their cash management processes. By effectively reducing the number of actual payments made, corporations can minimize transaction costs and identify foreign exchange exposure, all while gaining a balanced list of liabilities and receivables.

To further enhance its convenience and accessibility, Corpay partnered with Sunflower Bank prior to launching Netting Manager. The collaboration aimed to help the bank’s clients manage cross-border payments and currency risk from a single point of access. The success of this initiative paved the way for the development of a similar tool targeting businesses.

The Impact on XRP

As Corpay ventures into the realm of cross-border payments, some have raised concerns about its potential impact on XRP, the digital asset associated with Ripple. These concerns have been further fueled by a recent court ruling on the legal battle between Ripple and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The ruling stated that the sale of XRP tokens on exchanges and through algorithms did not constitute investment contracts, while the institutional sale of tokens violated federal securities laws. This ruling has caused the price of XRP to decrease by over 8% in the past week.

However, it’s important to note that Corpay’s launch of Netting Manager is not directly tied to the performance of XRP. The tool itself addresses specific challenges faced by multinational corporations in their internal invoice settlement processes. While Ripple’s XRP may experience fluctuations in its price, the broader adoption of cryptocurrencies and increased positive sentiment toward them could still have a favorable impact on XRP’s future. Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, remains optimistic about the coin’s potential, emphasizing that the roadmap for Ripple remains unchanged.

Despite the recent price drop, analysts and investors believe in XRP’s potential and give it a “buy” rating. Currently priced at $0.70, XRP has experienced a significant decline from its all-time high of $3.84 on January 4, 2018. However, with wider adoption and increased positive sentiment surrounding cryptocurrencies, many anticipate XRP to surpass the $1 mark in the foreseeable future.

In conclusion, Corpay’s launch of Netting Manager brings significant benefits to corporations by streamlining their internal invoice settlement processes. This user-friendly tool addresses key challenges faced by multinational companies, such as lack of transparency and unnecessary costs. While its impact may not directly influence the performance of XRP, the broader adoption of cryptocurrencies and continued positive sentiment toward them can contribute to XRP’s future growth. As the blockchain industry continues to evolve, innovative solutions like Netting Manager demonstrate the potential for blockchain technology to revolutionize traditional business processes.

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