Ripple and SEC agree that Hinman’s speech should not be taken seriously.

Ripple Labs and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) seem to agree that past remarks made by former official William Hinman should not dictate current policy. The agency’s past uncertainty over the status of ether (ETH) never amounted to formal commission-approved rules or guidance, so the dialogue over the ex-official’s one-time remarks may offer some insights, but it is unlikely to affect the agency’s crypto policy. The emails give “a helpful snapshot of certain SEC staffers’ views on some issues at a point in time,” said lawyer Andrew Hinkes. Hinman’s speech that he didn’t “see a need to regulate ether” has been a particular focus of Ripple in light of the parallels between ETH and the XRP token. None of the issues debated around Hinman’s speech have legal bearing until the SEC’s five commissioners make a new rule, issue guidance or bring an enforcement action that explicitly makes the case that ETH is a security.

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