Reddit Engineer reveals NFT onboarding strategy at EthCC Paris

Reddit Engineer reveals NFT onboarding strategy at EthCC Paris

The Blockchain Revolution: Empowering Users through On-Chain Collectibles

Screenshot of Mirela Spasova presenting at ETHcc. Source: Youtube.

Mirela Spasova, a senior engineer at Reddit, recently took the stage at the Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) in Paris to unveil Reddit’s strategy for onboarding millions of users to its blockchain-backed digital collectibles project, Collectible Avatars. In her presentation, Spasova emphasized how an on-chain approach empowers users with freedom of use and the ability to engage with the non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem, ultimately benefiting from the growing market for digital collectibles.

The Motivation Behind On-Chain Collectibles

The primary motivation behind Reddit’s decision to run Collectible Avatars on-chain is to give users the power to make their own choices. By adopting an on-chain approach, users can not only purchase avatars from creators on Reddit but also have the option to resell them on popular NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. This opens up a world of possibilities for users to engage with the NFT ecosystem, participate in the market, and potentially generate profits from their collectibles.

A User-Focused Approach

To achieve widespread adoption and support creators in monetizing their collections, Reddit made the user experience a top priority. The company made strategic trade-offs and implemented various measures to minimize friction and deliver an integrated experience.

Quick Onboarding with Reddit Vault

To minimize user friction, Reddit developed a non-custodial wallet called “Reddit Vault” that allows users to onboard within just 30 seconds. This quick onboarding process ensures that users can easily access and manage their collectibles without any hassle.

Fiat Purchases and Instant Delivery

Reddit also introduced fiat purchases for Web and iOS users, making it even easier for users to acquire collectible avatars. Additionally, to enhance the experience, Reddit ensured that users received their collectible avatars instantly upon claiming them. They built an asynchronous system to query the minted and transferred state, updating the collectible metadata once the NFT was minted.

Messaging and User Engagement

In her presentation, Spasova highlighted the importance of structuring the messaging for interacting with new users. The focus was on emphasizing the product’s benefits, value, and overall user experience. Spasova stated, “You’re getting a blockchain-backed collectible, and no NFT provides all of that.” By effectively communicating the value proposition of Collectible Avatars, Reddit was able to onboard over eight million users to wallets.

Positive Side Effects

The user experience strategies applied to Reddit’s Collectible Avatars project not only led to successful onboarding but also fostered organic community engagement within the ecosystem. Artists and users have been able to interact and collaborate, enriching the overall experience for the community. Furthermore, users’ investments in building various tools on collectible avatars have added value and utility to the platform.

The Future of Collectibles

Reddit’s foray into blockchain-backed collectibles with Collectible Avatars represents a significant step towards the mainstream adoption of NFTs. By empowering users with the freedom to make their own choices and benefit from the growing market for digital collectibles, Reddit is contributing to the blockchain revolution. As more users embrace blockchain technology and engage with NFTs, the possibilities for creativity, collaboration, and monetization are endless.

In conclusion, Reddit’s strategy for onboarding millions of users to its blockchain-backed digital collectibles project showcases the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize industries. By adopting an on-chain approach and prioritizing user experience, Reddit has successfully empowered users and created a thriving ecosystem for digital collectibles. As the blockchain industry continues to evolve, we can expect more innovative projects like Collectible Avatars to emerge, driving the widespread adoption of blockchain technology and transforming various sectors.

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