Polygon launches AI interface with ChatGPT to assist app developers.

Polygon, a solution for scaling Ethereum, has launched a new artificial intelligence interface called Polygon Copilot, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This interface is designed to assist developers in creating decentralized apps for the network.

The team behind Polygon announced the release of this new product in a blog post on Wednesday.

Polygon Copilot uses the GPT-4 large language model and has been trained on documentation about the Polygon blockchain. This provides developers with analytics and insights who are building decentralized applications (dapps), looking at wallets and transactions, or creating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the network’s ecosystem.

Polygon Copilot has three different tiers (beginner, advanced, and degen) that will help onboard users depending on their comfort level with using the interface.

“Whether you’re a serious builder, an enthusiast, or a curious user, Polygon Copilot is an AI-powered interface that unlocks a world of interactions, simply by ‘asking,’” Polygon wrote in the blog post.

This improvement is part of a series of technological upgrades and marketing initiatives known as ”Polygon 2.0.” On Tuesday, Polygon released a proposal aimed at upgrading its main blockchain, the Polygon POS chain, to a zkEVM validium.

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