Peter McCormack makes unknown town a Bitcoin hub.

Can a football team supported by Bitcoin (BTC) truly uplift a town? In the latest Cointelegraph documentary, journalist Joe Hall investigates the impact of the Bitcoin football club, Real Bedford, on the small commuter town of Bedford, in the United Kingdom.

Peter McCormack, the renowned host of the What Bitcoin Did podcast, acquired Real Bedford Football Club during the height of the Bitcoin bull run in 2021.

While many questioned his decision, McCormack saw an opportunity to revive a football club and promote Bitcoin adoption in his hometown. Two years later, Real Bedford F.C. has gained promotion, secured significant sponsorships, and attracted a legion of local and international fans.

As the video demonstrates, the club’s bright orange jerseys proudly display the Bitcoin logo, symbolizing its close association with the world’s largest digital currency. Before each game, Bitcoin meetups are organized, and influential figures from the Bitcoin world are invited to attend.

Naturally, the manager’s unconventional approach has sparked curiosity and criticism, with some locals being skeptical of the Bitcoin branding and its implications. Hall asks locals in street interviews and pitchside conversations how much influence the club has had on the town. Some are familiar with the club’s Bitcoin takeover, and others had never heard of McCormack, but the overarching sentiment was negative.

However, McCormack aims to dispel misunderstandings and facilitate greater Bitcoin adoption through the football club. Rather than forcing the currency on the town’s residents, he believes in using the team as a Trojan horse to gradually introduce them to Bitcoin. The Real Bedford website even features a statement titled “Why you shouldn’t buy Bitcoin,” emphasizing the importance of education and responsible investment.

The Trojan football ‍☠️

— Peter McCormack‍☠️ (@PeterMcCormack) April 11, 2023

While Real Bedford remains a Bitcoin-only club, McCormack acknowledges the allure of other cryptocurrencies and crypto-related projects:

“If I did a shitcoin, I could raise a billion, and I would get this club in the Premier League in nine years because you have the money to do it. I could build a £200 million stadium if I did a shit coin. It’s really tempting.”

Nonetheless, McCormack is committed to Bitcoin’s principles. He is convinced that through hard work and the support of the Bitcoin community, Real Bedford can reach the Premier League in the 2030s.

The Real Bedford documentary will feature interviews with Jeff Booth, Ben Arc, fans and locals, shedding light on the team’s story and showcasing the transformative power of Bitcoin in sports and local communities.

As the United Kingdom government warms up to central bank digital currencies, despite the Bitcoin community’s warnings, Bitcoin could lose its foothold in the country. In such an environment, Real Bedford is increasingly a beacon for Bitcoin adoption in the United Kingdom.

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Overall, to borrow Barcelona’s motto, Real Bedford is “mes que un club” or “more than a club.” It’s a symbol of resilience, rebellion and a real-world example of Bitcoin’s ability to uplift areas.

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