Palm Network to become a Polygon ZK Supernet for NFT optimization.

Palm Network to become a Polygon ZK Supernet for NFT optimization.

The Palm Network: Transitioning to a Customized Polygon Blockchain

The blockchain industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, with new technologies and innovations constantly reshaping the landscape. One such development is the transition of Palm Network into a customized Polygon blockchain, which promises to make nonfungible token (NFT) activities more accessible to users. This move will also enhance interoperability with Ethereum and the Polygon 2.0 ecosystem.

The Transition to a Polygon Supernet

Palm Network’s transformation into a Polygon Supernet follows the trend of creating customizable blockchains using Polygon consensus software. The term “ZK Supernet” refers to a network that utilizes zero-knowledge proofs for processing deposits and withdrawals from Ethereum. This innovative approach ensures enhanced privacy and scalability.

The transition of Palm Network to a Polygon Supernet will occur in two stages. First, on August 23, it will switch to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism network. Then, sometime in 2024, it will evolve into a ZK-based layer-2 network. This phased transition allows for a smooth integration and ensures the stability and security of the network throughout the process.

The Strategic Partnerships

Palm Network has formed crucial partnerships to leverage its NFT capabilities. One notable collaboration is with Candy Digital, an NFT marketplace that hosts licensed NFTs from well-known brands such as NASCAR, Major League Baseball, Netflix, Warner Brothers, and WWE. Additionally, the digital art distributor HENI is also built on the Palm Network.

These partnerships demonstrate the network’s potential to attract high-profile content and create a vibrant ecosystem for NFT enthusiasts. As more users join the Palm Network, the value and utility of NFTs within the platform are expected to increase.

Security Enhancement through Interoperability

Currently functioning as an Ethereum sidechain, Palm Network relies solely on its own nodes for security. However, with the transition to Polygon’s zero-knowledge proof protocols, the network will benefit from the added security provided by the Ethereum blockchain. This integration ensures that transfers between Palm Network and Ethereum are processed securely, making the entire ecosystem more robust.

Jordi Baylina, co-founder of Polygon, commended Palm Network’s move, emphasizing that it will enhance user accessibility without compromising security. By leveraging Polygon Supernets technology, Palm Network developers can maintain an optimal user experience during periods of high network activity while reducing gas costs for the community. This transition fosters a more accessible and democratic ecosystem for its users.

Competing Visions and the Future of Supernets

While Polygon has been focusing on creating an ecosystem of multiple ZK supernets through its software, it faces competition from other players in the industry. Optimism’s “Superchain,” based on the OP Stack software, presents a similar multichain vision. Additionally, ZkSync has announced plans to build a multi-network ecosystem comprising “Hyperchains.” These developments highlight the growing interest in scalable and interoperable solutions within the blockchain industry.

The future of the Palm Network and the overall blockchain industry looks promising, with the transition to a customized Polygon blockchain offering exciting opportunities for growth and innovation. As more projects embrace interoperability and scalability, users can expect a more seamless and secure experience within the blockchain ecosystem.


The blockchain industry is constantly evolving, and the transition of Palm Network into a customized Polygon blockchain showcases the ongoing advancements in the space. By creating a Supernet and leveraging zero-knowledge proofs, Palm Network aims to enhance accessibility and security in the realm of NFTs. The partnerships with Candy Digital and HENI further solidify the network’s potential as an attractive destination for renowned brands and digital artists.

With the integration of Polygon’s zero-knowledge proof protocols, Palm Network can offer a more secure and efficient platform for users, while preserving the user experience during peak network activity. The competition among multichain visions, such as Polygon’s Supernets, Optimism’s Superchain, and ZkSync’s Hyperchains, reflects the industry’s drive toward scalability and interoperability.

As the blockchain industry continues to move forward, the transition of Palm Network to a customized Polygon blockchain serves as a testament to the ingenuity and collaboration within the space. As more projects explore similar solutions, the future of blockchain technology appears brighter than ever, offering increased accessibility, security, and innovation for users across the globe.

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