Nike suggests NFT use in Fortnite game.

The popular sports brand Nike has suggested that they may launch a range of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) related to sneakers within the popular game Fortnite.

A June 16 announcement from Nike revealed that the “ultimate Sneakerhunt” would begin on June 20, with a video displaying the logos of Fortnite’s Air Max and Nike’s Web3 platform, .Swoosh.

The video also featured the word “Airphoria,” which is expected to be the name of the NFT-related “sneakerhunt” game that will be launched.

The video was shared by members of the crypto community on Twitter, who were among the first to notice the .Swoosh logo at the end of the video.

Although there are limited details, there is speculation within the community that Nike may have used Fortnite Creative 2.0 to create the game.

Fortnite Creative 2.0 is a tool that allows users to create game maps of virtual islands and their assets from Fortnite.

Nike’s NFT unit has been actively pursuing partnerships in the gaming space, including integrating NFTs into games developed by EA Sports.

Nike’s entry into the NFT gaming space through Fortnite and collaborations with EA Sports aims to bridge the gap between fashion, gaming, and blockchain, while fostering further adoption of Web3.

However, the specific games in which Nike NFTs will be incorporated have yet to be confirmed.

The convergence of NFTs and gaming presents new opportunities for engagement and interaction for both traditional brands and companies in the Web3 sector, as gamers are enticed with unique digital assets and immersive experiences.

Nike’s .Swoosh platform has been largely successful so far, with its first sneaker-themed NFT collection generating more than $1 million in sales within just two days in May, despite initial technical issues.

“We ran into an unforeseen error that held up the minting process. This also blocked additional purchases,” the .Swoosh team wrote in a tweet on the first day of the general sale for the sneaker NFTs, hinting that the sales numbers could have been even better.

.Swoosh was launched by Nike in November of last year, and the company stated that it would use it to launch virtual apparel such as t-shirts and sneakers for avatars.

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