Monero (XMR) has risen for 13 consecutive days. What will happen next?

An altcoin with a long and storied history, Monero is currently experiencing a bullish trend unlike anything it has seen before. After closing higher for twelve consecutive days – a new record for this privacy-focused altcoin – Monero appears to be on track to make history once again with a thirteenth straight higher close. What has happened after previous winning streaks for Monero? Let’s examine the price history in more detail to find out.

Monero Win Streak Making History

Monero’s current winning streak of twelve consecutive higher closes surpasses the previous record of ten straight higher closes set in 2021. While the price increase is certainly impressive, its unprecedented nature means that we need to look at earlier and shorter win streaks to gain insight into what might lie ahead for Monero in the future. In other words, we will analyze previous shorter win streaks to generate enough instances to draw a statistically meaningful conclusion.

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Monero Occurrences of Six Consecutive Higher Closes by Holding Time (May 2014 – Present)

  • 12 occurrences using a 7-day hold time
  • 12 occurrences using a 15-day hold time
  • 12 occurrences using a 30-day hold time
  • 11 occurrences using a 60-day hold time
  • 11 occurrences using a 90-day hold time
  • 7 occurrences using a 180-day hold time
  • 5 occurrences using a 356-day hold time

Although the number of occurrences remains limited even with the shorter win streak, analyzing past Monero winning streaks of six consecutive higher closes provides enough data to dive into the analysis.

Past Monero Win Streaks Suggest More Strength Ahead

The hypothetical average trade results for Monero (XMR) show a consistently positive edge across all holding times from 7 days to one year. It is important to note that while the average historical trade results are positive for each holding time examined, losses have also occurred for each holding time.

Looking at a holding time of approximately three months, the past win streaks have yielded significantly greater gains on average, with an average trade of +65.1% for a 90-day hold, +121.7% for a 180-day hold, and an impressive +373.8% for a 365-day hold.

While we have never witnessed a streak of consecutive higher closes like the current twelve, and nearly thirteen, Monero’s extensive price history suggests that more strength could be on the horizon, particularly when looking ahead to three months and beyond.

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