MediaTek and Nvidia partner for in-car AI experience in affordable and luxury cars

Taiwan’s MediaTek Inc has teamed up with US chip-manufacturing giant NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) to improve the artificial intelligence technology available in automobiles. The partnership aims to enhance in-car experiences with smart cabin solutions that use Nvidia’s GPU chiplets and software-defined technology. These joint offerings for artificial and accelerated computing will be available across a wide range of vehicles, from entry-level to premium models. MediaTek CEO Rick Tsai and NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang announced the partnership for automobiles at a recent Computex press conference. Huang explained that AI and accelerated computing can transform the auto industry, and with MediaTek and Nvidia collaborating, car owners can expect enhanced safety, improved user experiences, and connected services. By combining Nvidia’s GPUs and AI technology with MediaTek’s chipsets, the end feature would raise the bar for in-car user experience. The Taiwanese semiconductor company’s automotive SoCs would feature Nvidia AI and graphics intellectual property in its design architecture, and the Nvidia chiplets would be connected by an ultra-fast chiplet interconnect technology. The new operating system would power the upcoming infotainment system, and MediaTek would integrate the Nvidia Drive OS, Drive IX, CUDA, and TensorRT software tech with the new operating system. The combined chipset model would belong to the MediaTek Dimensity Auto range. The Nvidia automobile AI development comes on the heels of Nvidia’s rousing run to a trillion-dollar market cap due to an increased quarterly earnings outlook and better-than-expected sales forecast.

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