Los Angeles + Hollywood = Web3 creativity.

The city of Los Angeles ranked 11th globally as a crypto hub, placing it fourth among U.S. hubs, behind Wyoming, Silicon Valley, and Austin, Texas. However, the U.S. hubs collectively were hindered by a middling crypto regulatory score, which counts for 35% of the total weight in the drivers category. LA also had a lower-than-average quality-of-life score due to high living costs and poor pollution and traffic congestion. Only the territory of Puerto Rico fared worse for quality of life. Nevertheless, LA scored high in opportunities, which measures per-capita crypto jobs, companies, and events. The city is known for its creativity in art, fashion, music, and design. It also has an often overlooked importance in tech, with modern rocketry and the predecessor to the internet, ARPANET, having roots in the city. Today, crypto communities revolving around NFTs, Web3, and other protocols dot the landscape from the revitalized Downtown Arts District inland to neighborhoods hugging the coast and various points in between. Major movie studios, music labels, and talent agencies in LA remain committed to creating virtual worlds and blockchain-based projects, with NFTs becoming well-known beyond the industry bubble and recognized by a much larger audience. This year’s Outer Edge LA conference featured more than 250 speakers from the crypto, sports, and entertainment world, including co-founder and chairman of Web3 game developer and investment firm Animoca Brands, Yat Siu, former NBA All Star-turned producer/entrepreneur Baron Davis, and founding member of the Russian feminist performance and art group, Pussy Riot, Nadya Tolokonnikova. LA scored high in blockchain’s opportunities category for its per-capita crypto jobs, companies, and events, with Ethereum development shop Consensys, and games developers Fun Gi and Mythical Games hiring.

But what about the food?

In order to succeed, the city will have to overcome the same regulatory obstacles that are hindering the growth of cryptocurrency throughout the United States. However, LA’s strong grassroots interest in Web3 technology cannot be underestimated. Special cryptocurrency events, such as blockchain weeks and more casual meetups, have become a regular part of the city’s business calendar. Even the police department in the quiet suburb of Burbank will soon host a lecture on the dark web.

Although LA’s relatively low overall quality of life score may not be impressive, this rating ignores the city’s access to mountains and the sea, its mild year-round climate, its acceptance of individualism, and above all, its food scene. When it comes to food trucks, pop-ups, backyard restaurants, and farmers markets featuring cuisine from Oaxaca, Yucatan, Thailand, Vietnam, Szechuan, Syria, and beyond, no city can compare to LA.

After all, if you want to excel in blockchain, you have to eat well, right?

Of course, real estate prices have skyrocketed over the past 15 years, and LA’s traffic can be notoriously difficult to navigate. However, if you avoid the freeways and settle into one of LA’s creative communities, you’ll find yourself surrounded by individuals just as passionate about their projects as the founders of any protocol. Plus, LA has the best movie stars.

Edited by Jeanhee Kim and Bradley Keoun.

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