2024: The Year of GameFi – Where Gaming Meets Finance

2024 Anticipated as a Year of Transformations in the Gaming Industry, With the Emergence of the Promising Trend, GameFi. Merging the Worlds of Gaming

Why Everyone Is Excited About Girand’s Potential Game-changing Impact


Welcome to 2024, a year set to be a game-changer for the gaming industry. Get ready to explore the exciting new trend of GameFi, where the worlds of video games and decentralized finance (DeFi) collide. This unique blend creates a space where players can not only have fun in virtual realms but also actively participate in economic processes, opening up a world of financial success and money-making opportunities. In this article, we’ll delve into the key trends of the GameFi market for 2024 and discuss how these changes will shape the future of gaming.

GameFi: Where Games and Finance Collide

GameFi, short for “game finance,” combines the best of both worlds – games and decentralized finance (DeFi). Through the concept of “play-to-earn” (P2E), players can enjoy virtual worlds while also earning income through cryptocurrency game mechanics. This transformative concept has revolutionized the gaming industry, providing new avenues for players to generate income.

The use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has been instrumental in changing the game economy. Instead of traditional in-game purchases, players now own unique characters, weapons, and items in the form of NFTs. These NFTs allow players to create, sell, and exchange assets within the game worlds, opening up new sources of income.

Statistics and Challenges: Learning from the Past

GameFi has faced its fair share of challenges throughout its history, particularly during bear markets. In 2019, a staggering 94.3% of the 244 games launched failed. In 2021, the failure rate improved, with only 45.9% of projects failing. However, 2022 proved to be a challenging year, as the number of failed GameFi projects doubled.

As of December 2023, a significant 70% of the 720 GameFi projects launched have not been successful. These statistics highlight the need for sustainable business models in the GameFi industry.

Despite the challenges faced by GameFi, it continues to attract the attention of investors and players alike. In 2023, investment in Web3 games reached an impressive $600 million, underscoring the growing interest in this field. As technology continues to advance and economic models improve, we expect to see a surge in successful GameFi projects.

Industry experts, such as Yat Siu, the head of Animoca Games, predict a pivotal year ahead for cryptocurrency games and the metaverse in 2024. Despite the challenges faced, the increasing interest in GameFi and similar projects points to their long-term prospects.

Introducing Girand: A Breath of Fresh Air for the Industry

One of the most anticipated events in the GameFi world is the upcoming launch of the alpha version of the game “GIRAND: IN THE LOST CITY” in early 2024. This mesmerizing AAA game, also known as “P&E,” transports players to a stunning 3D metaverse that recreates the ancient kingdom of Atlantis with unparalleled realism. Inspired by Lovecraft and ancient Greek philosophers, this fantasy world offers an immersive experience like no other.

Girand sets itself apart by simplifying the entry into the game for those who are not familiar with the digital economy. Players can log in through Telegram, eliminating the need to create a crypto wallet. This user-friendly approach aims to make gaming accessible to all.

The strength of Girand lies in its exceptional team. With members who have worked for industry giants like Mail.ru, 1C, and Blizzard, the project ensures the highest level of expertise. Headquartered in Dubai, the team collaborates with professionals from around the world to deliver the best gaming experience.

Sergey Fominyh, the creator and visionary behind Girand, brings with him over 10 years of experience in the digital agency realm, along with a background as a qualified investor and former co-owner of an investment club with an in-house IT software department.

Girand’s Economy: Balancing Gameplay and Income

Girand introduces unique, non-linear gameplay thanks to its NFT-based gaming economy. The introduction of a tax system in lucrative transactions and limitations on payouts for player-versus-environment activities and ratings ensures stable growth within the game. By prioritizing engaging gameplay, graphics, and universe-building over the sole opportunity for monetary gain, Girand avoids being labeled as a Ponzi scheme, a common concern in the GameFi industry.

The main source of income in Girand comes from mining rare NFTs within the vast metaverse. The process of minting new NFTs does not affect the existing ones, as there is no inflation within the game. Each race within the game has a limited number of NFTs, ensuring their value remains stable. Furthermore, the creators of Girand plan to host a large-scale tournament in the UAE at the end of 2024, allowing players to sharpen their skills and compete for glory.

Final Thoughts: Gaming and Finance Unite

The challenges faced by the GameFi industry in bear markets have paved the way for sustainable economic models and innovative approaches to development. The industry continues to evolve, with the launch of Girand: IN THE LOST CITY being a testament to its growth and potential.

Cryptocurrency games are poised to play an increasingly vital role in the global gaming industry ecosystem, becoming an integral part of the financial landscape.


Q: What is GameFi?
GameFi, short for “game finance,” is the merging of games and decentralized finance (DeFi), creating a unique space where players can enjoy virtual worlds and earn income through cryptocurrency game mechanics.

Q: What role do non-fungible tokens (NFTs) play in GameFi?
NFTs have transformed the game economy by replacing traditional in-game purchases. Players now own unique characters, weapons, and items in the form of NFTs, allowing them to create, sell, and exchange assets within game worlds, opening up new income streams.

Q: What challenges has GameFi faced in the past?
GameFi has experienced difficulties, particularly during bear markets. Failure rates for GameFi projects have been high, with 70% of projects not achieving success as of December 2023.

Q: Where do the future prospects of GameFi lie?
Despite the challenges, GameFi continues to attract investors and players. Investment in Web3 games reached $600 million in 2023, indicating sustained interest and support for this sector. Experts predict that the growing interest in GameFi and the metaverse will contribute to its long-term prospects.

Q: What makes Girand a unique GameFi project?
Girand stands out with its exceptional team and innovative approach. The game offers a simplified entry point for players unfamiliar with the digital economy, allowing them to log in via Telegram instead of creating a crypto wallet. The gameplay, graphics, and universe-building feature prominently, ensuring a captivating game experience for players.


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