Lacoste launches Ethereum-based virtual store for NFT holders.

Lacoste launches Ethereum-based virtual store for NFT holders.

An Insight Into Lacoste’s Virtual Store for NFT Holders

Fashion brand Lacoste has taken a step towards embracing the blockchain industry by unveiling an exclusive Ethereum-based virtual store for holders of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This move aims to provide NFT holders with an immersive shopping experience throughout the summer season.

Developed by retail technology developer Emperia, the virtual store integrates traditional retail concepts with innovative digital features exclusively accessible to users holding Lacoste’s UNDW3 NFT passes. Lacoste’s UNDW3 NFT holders will have exclusive access to this virtual store, which serves as an extension of the brand’s loyalty program released in June.

Exploring Lacoste’s Virtual Store

Upon entering the virtual store through Lacoste’s e-commerce platform, NFT holders are greeted with an immersive experience from the start. Shoppers are led through Lacoste’s iconic crocodile logo, making their way into a tiled boutique. What adds to the experience is the beach view that can be enjoyed from the virtual store’s outdoor pool area. This unique blend of physical and digital elements exemplifies the growing Phygital trend among fashion brands.

Lacoste’s summer apparel collection will be on display throughout the virtual store experience, allowing visitors to make purchases at any time. To further engage shoppers, a crocodile-themed scavenger hunt game has been developed for them to participate in. This interactive aspect enhances the overall shopping experience, making it both enjoyable and unique.

An underwater VIP space is available exclusively for UNDW3 NFT holders. Access to this space requires users to either log in via email or connect their digital wallet containing the NFT. Within this VIP area, Lacoste’s exclusive UNDW3 apparel collection is available for purchase. Breaking new ground, each piece from this collection has a tokenized equivalent in the form of an NFT. Holders can scan a QR code that unlocks an augmented reality (AR) feature, effectively enhancing the shopping experience even further.

Lacoste & Emperia’s Collaboration

It is worth noting that this collaboration between Lacoste and Emperia is not their first foray into virtual shopping experiences. Emperia had previously assisted Lacoste in developing a token-gated gamified experience for UNDW3 NFT holders, which launched in December 2022 and went on to win a Webby Award earlier this year.

Emperia’s co-founder and CEO, Olga Dogadkina, expressed her satisfaction with their ongoing work with Lacoste, emphasizing the brand’s advanced view of e-commerce and customer loyalty. Through this collaboration, new technologies have emerged that improve the user journey, effectively bridging the gap between virtual and physical retail.

The phygital trend, combining the physical and the digital, is gaining momentum in the fashion industry and represents one of the significant advantages of Web3 for the sector. Other fashion brands, including Nike, have also explored projects that enable customers to seamlessly navigate both realms and create a holistic shopping experience.

In conclusion, Lacoste’s Ethereum-based virtual store for NFT holders represents a significant step forward in embracing blockchain technology and revolutionizing the retail industry. By leveraging NFTs and AR features, Lacoste has developed an immersive shopping experience that bridges the gap between physical and digital retail realms. This partnership with Emperia highlights the potential for collaboration between fashion brands and technology companies, paving the way for further innovations in the future.

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