Kenya suspends WorldCoin operations, launches investigation into public data collection.

Kenya suspends WorldCoin operations, launches investigation into public data collection.

The Rise and Fall of WorldCoin: A Controversial Journey in the Blockchain Industry

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The blockchain industry has witnessed significant advancements and innovations in recent years. However, with these advancements come challenges and controversies. One such controversial project is WorldCoin, an organization involved in the registration of citizens through iris data. The Ministry of Interior of Kenya has recently suspended the operations of WorldCoin and launched an investigation into the company for collecting public data. This incident has raised concerns among authorities, highlighting the need for stricter regulations and data protection measures in the blockchain industry.

WorldCoin’s Activities Raise Concern Among Authorities

The Kenyan government has expressed concerns over the activities of WorldCoin, particularly regarding the safety and protection of the data being harvested and how it will be used. The Ministry of Interior and National Administration has initiated inquiries and investigations to establish the authenticity and legality of WorldCoin’s activities. This move aims to ensure public safety and the integrity of financial transactions involving a large number of citizens.

The controversy surrounding WorldCoin intensified when large numbers of people started gathering outside malls where iris scans were being collected through WorldCoin’s Orb. To address these concerns, the Kenyan government has deployed police officers to disperse crowds queuing at registration centers. The government’s directive against WorldCoin comes after ICT Eliud Owalo’s statement that the company had not violated any laws. However, the government is taking precautionary measures until WorldCoin’s safety is deemed satisfactory.

WorldCoin Exploiting Loopholes in Kenya’s Laws for Data Protection?

In an interview with NTV, ICT Eliud Owalo mentioned that the government is actively monitoring WorldCoin’s activities to understand its functioning and data protection strategies. He highlighted that WorldCoin had exploited gaps in Kenya’s data protection legislation to operate within the nation, raising concerns about security and regulatory issues.

The WorldCoin program has attracted many Kenyan citizens who are eager to register and receive 25 complimentary tokens, designated as WLD, after confirming their human identity through iris scanning. These tokens hold the potential for conversion into cryptocurrencies, providing participants with readily usable funds. The tangible incentive offered by WorldCoin has contributed to the program’s popularity and subsequently raised concerns about data privacy and the exploitation of legal loopholes.


The suspension of WorldCoin’s operations and the launch of an investigation by the Ministry of Interior of Kenya highlight the regulatory challenges faced by the blockchain industry. While blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize several sectors, it is crucial to establish comprehensive regulations and data protection measures to safeguard user privacy and prevent the misuse of personal data.

This incident serves as a reminder for industry stakeholders and regulators to collaborate in developing robust frameworks that strike a balance between innovation and protecting public safety and data privacy. Only through such collaborative efforts can the blockchain industry thrive and gain the trust of governments and citizens alike.

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