June 12, 2023 Crypto Exchange Listing/Delisting Announcements – $FERC, $HABIBI, $BERC.

The following is a weekly collection of digital asset listing and delisting announcements by crypto exchanges that were found last week and today. If there are any new listings or delistings that we missed, please let us know.

AscendEX listings: Profit Blue (BLUE), Jim (JIM), OXBT (OXBT), Meme (MEME), Piza (PIZA), SATS (SATS), Oshi (OSHI), FairERC20 (FERC)

BitForex listings: FairBERC20 (BERC), Joggerz (JOG), OBXT (OBXT), HANeP (HANEP), Kong (KONG), Dhahab Sports (DHS)

BitMart listings: Planet (PLANET), Akt.io (AKTIO), Spongebucks ($PONGEBUCKS), Bitflow Coin (BFW), Kermit the Coin (KERMIT), LFG (LFG), The Habibiz (HABIBI), Viral (VIRAL), FairERC20 (FERC), Borat Token (BORAT), HyperGPT (HGPT), Altura (ALU)

Bitrue listings: USPlus (USPLUS), INU (INU), The Habibiz (HABIBI)

Changelly listings: Circle (EUROC), Bitgert (BRISE), Rocket Pool (RPL)

ChangeNOW listings: dYdX (DYDX)

CoinEx listings: Combo (COMBO), Tenet Protocol (TENET)

Crypto.com added trading pairs: ARB/ETH, SUI/ETH, PEPE/ETH, BLUR/ETH

DigiFinex listings: Pick or Rick (RICK), tomiNet (TOMI), The Habibiz (HABIBI), MrPotato Token (MRPOTATO), Abyss World (AWT), Suiswap Token (SSWP), Acrotic (ARTC)

FINEXBOX listings: Scrooge ($CROOGE), Garuda Coin (GARU)

Gate.io listings: FairERC20 (FERC), Wiki Cat (WKC)

KuCoin listings: tomiNet (TOMI), ParrallelChain (XPLL), Candy Pocket (CANDY)

LBank listings: Switch (SWITCH), FairBERC20 (BERC), INU (INU), United States Property (USP), IOST (IOST), Neon (NEON), The Habibiz (HABIBI), G LIVE Streaming (GLIVE), ElmoERC (ELMO), STAND (STDC), World Trade Exhibition Center (WTEC), Profit Blue (BLUE), TXO Blockchain (TXO), Zaracoin (ZARA), Bored Pepe VIP Club (BPVC), ChitCAT (CHITCAT), Aureus Nummus Gold (ANG). Removed trading pairs: NRFD/USDT, EAGON/USDT.

MEXC Global listings: Triall (TRL), Dream Machine Token (DMT), Husky.AI (HUS), Injustice Samurai (IS), Roseon (ROSX), Dynex (DNX), Add Finance (ADD), Art de Finance (ADF), SIX Network (SIX), Yuri AI (YURI), Blast Frontier (BLAST), Bart Simpson (BARTSIMPSON), Antspace (ANTS), Sheehsa Finance (MSHEESHA), Storepay (SPC), WTF (WTF), ZKDOGE (ZKDOGE), Stella (ALPHA), GPT Guru (GPTG), Rambox (RAM), HongKong BTC Bank (HKB), zkNFTex (ZKN), Greeneth (GRE), Goal3 (ZKUSD), Platform of meme coins (PAYU), Trans Pepe (TRANS), Grimace Coin (GRIMACE), BizAuto (BIZA), HyperGPT (HGPT), Vow (VOW), Abyss World (AWT)

OKX listings: Suiswap (SSWP)

Poloniex has listed the following cryptocurrencies: FairBERC20 (BERC), FairERC20 (FERC), INU (INU), I love Snoopy (LOVESNOOPY), DUMMT (DUMMY), TamaKitty (TITTY).

ProBit has listed the following cryptocurrencies: Ultron (ULX), Green Universe Coin (GUC).

P2B Crypto Exchange has listed the following cryptocurrencies: APF Coin (APFC), NERO Token (NERO), DUCK (DUCK), Kermit the Coin (KERMIT), Wolf AI (WOLF), Kid Goku (KIDGOKU), WERECOIN (BWRC), XDAG (XDAG), Virtual Identity Coin (VIC).

VinDax has listed the following cryptocurrencies: Linear Finance (LINA), Security Token Offering Y (STOY), Rottex Exchange (RTEX), SS Coin (SSCOIN), Red-Eyed-Frog (REEY), NiHao (NIHAO).

XT has listed the following cryptocurrencies: Gol Coin (GOLC), Metal Pay (MTL), WAGMI Games (WAGMIGAMES), Carac (CARAC).

We will continue to update Phone&Auto; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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