IBEX Mercado partners with Grupo Salinas to provide lightning access to millions of Mexican citizens

IBEX Mercado, a provider of bitcoin Lightning payment services, has announced a new partnership with Grupo Salinas, one of the largest corporate conglomerates in Mexico.

During the announcement of the partnership, IBEX’s CEO Jose Lemus stated that “over four million Mexicans can now pay with bitcoin for their cable, internet, and phone service.” He also explained that with this partnership, they are opening the doors to every bitcoin and Lightning company as well as financial tech companies that want to leverage Lightning technology. Furthermore, new technology will be rolled out with Grupo Salinas, which will enable Mexicans to pay for their groceries with bitcoin, electronics, and receive remittances. Lemus expressed his excitement about the announcement, stating that this is just the beginning of what is to come in Mexico.

This collaboration is a significant step in Mexico’s adoption of bitcoin and Lightning. Additionally, the integration of Lightning payments via IBEX with Total Play offers new possibilities for fast and efficient transactions for Total Play customers.

Lemus mentioned that “the true value of this technology is not about paying for a cup of coffee in a different way.” Instead, in a world where there will be increasing digitization of products and services, we need better payment technology. Lightning provides a better payment technology solution.

The integration of bitcoin Lightning in Grupo Salinas’ products and services via IBEX can put Mexico at the forefront of the digital revolution, providing citizens with a secure, modern, and efficient payment option.

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