Human Rights Foundation donates $500,000+ to 15 global Bitcoin projects

Human Rights Foundation donates $500,000+ to 15 global Bitcoin projects

Driving Change: Grants and Philanthropy Shaping the Blockchain Industry

The blockchain industry continues to flourish as a catalyst for global advancements. Today, we celebrate the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) and their latest round of philanthropic efforts through the Bitcoin Development Fund. With a focus on education, Bitcoin Core development, lightning-related DLCs, ecash, and supporting developers from repressive regimes, the HRF’s grants are making a significant impact across the world, particularly in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.

Investing in Progress

HRF’s grant program comprises a generous allocation of funds, totaling just over half a million US dollars. These funds are divided into seven $50,000 grants, five $25,000 grants, and three $10,000 grants. The recipients are selected based on their contributions to the blockchain industry and their potential for fostering further advancements.

This recent announcement follows the HRF’s 20 bitcoin bounty challenge, launched a few months ago. With these combined efforts, the HRF has contributed nearly 40 BTC since July to further the development of Bitcoin and support those working tirelessly to push its boundaries.

Empowering Bitcoin Core Developers

Among the grant winners, Gee Deer stands out for his exceptional work on Bitcoin Core and Lightning native stablecoins. Through the innovative use of Discrete Log Contracts (DLCs), Gee aims to minimize counterparty risk and increase the potential decentralization of US dollar instruments. His proposed stablecoin reflects the industry’s commitment to mitigating risk while expanding accessibility.

Jarol Rodriguez, another recipient, has made significant contributions to Bitcoin Core. His grant will be devoted to evaluating PRs, solving issues within the system, enhancing the Bitcoin Core App, and making it possible to operate a Bitcoin Core node on a mobile device. These improvements will undoubtedly enhance user experience and promote broader adoption.

Furszy, ranked among the top 10 contributors to Bitcoin Core, will utilize his grant to analyze PRs, correct bugs, suggest performance and code improvements, and participate in public debates. By doing so, Furszy will address crucial aspects such as stability, performance, and security, which are paramount for the continued growth and success of Bitcoin Core.

Cultivating Future Talents

The HRF is also dedicated to nurturing young talent through its support of the Summer of Bitcoin program. This international, online summer fellowship aims to introduce college students to Bitcoin programming and design, providing them with invaluable skills for the future. With over 10,000 applications from more than 70 countries, the 2023 program promises to be an exceptional opportunity for aspiring blockchain professionals.

Empowering Global Communities

The vision of the HRF extends beyond the realm of software development. By empowering organizations such as the Kawaakibi Foundation, they are helping create a MENA Bitcoin Hub. This hub will provide vital knowledge and support to activists, journalists, and organizations in the Middle East and North Africa, enabling them to transact freely, receive foreign donations, and safely retain their funds pseudonymously. Through adoption and education, the HRF is helping liberate one of the most repressive regions in the world.

Vinteum, another grant recipient, is focused on advancing open-source Bitcoin development in Brazil and Latin America. By investing in Bitcoin Core developers, cultivating local communities, and establishing a comprehensive developer pipeline education program, Vinteum is driving progress throughout the region.

Promoting Education and Outreach

In addition to supporting developers, the HRF recognizes the importance of education and outreach within the blockchain industry. By awarding grants to inspirational individuals like D++, the HRF is enabling conferences, workshops, and talks in the Global South. This will serve as a significant avenue for worldwide Bitcoin education, bringing essential knowledge to those who need it most.

The HRF’s support extends even further by backing initiatives such as “Bitcoin Ekasi,” which aims to create a circular Bitcoin economy in South Africa. With funding, Bitcoin Ekasi will onboard local businesses to Bitcoin, provide necessary training for their employees, and establish a skill development center. This transformative project sets a precedent for other African villages to follow.

Enabling Technical Education

Technical education is a crucial component of the blockchain industry’s growth and sustainability. La Librería de Satoshi, or the Library of Satoshi, recognizes the need for Spanish-speaking developers to have access to high-quality Bitcoin education and resources. With their grant, La Librería de Satoshi will provide Bitcoin and Lightning courses, allowing Spanish developers to become Bitcoin Core contributors, educators, advocates, and ecosystem entrepreneurs.

Supporting Developer Participation

To foster collaboration and knowledge exchange, the HRF will also provide travel awards to three significant events in the blockchain industry. These awards facilitate the attendance of Bitcoin developers from challenging political environments, enabling them to share their experiences and learn from others. The HRF has already supported events like the technical Bitcoin conference, TabConf, and plans to continue this support for upcoming conferences in Brazil and Berlin.

Promoting Accessibility Globally

Christian Keroles, the Financial Freedom Director for HRF, emphasizes the organization’s commitment to expanding access to financial technology. These grants are a testament to their dedication to making Bitcoin more accessible on a global scale, especially for communities that have historically been marginalized. By combining technical innovation, education, and philanthropy, the blockchain industry is stepping forward to ensure equal opportunities for all.

Embracing Collaboration and Innovation

The importance of initiatives like the Bitcoin Development Fund cannot be overstated. By providing financial support, mentorship, and educational resources, organizations like the HRF are nurturing the growth of the blockchain industry from every angle. The impact of these grants will extend far beyond their recipients, driving change and innovation throughout the entire industry.

As the blockchain industry continues to evolve, it is inspiring to see the spirit of collaboration and empowerment at its core. The achievements of the HRF’s Bitcoin Development Fund are a testament to what can be achieved when philanthropy meets technology. With the ongoing commitment to advancing the industry’s accessibility and inclusivity, we can expect a bright future for blockchain innovation.

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