Horizen partners with Auros to boost ZEN liquidity before EON launch.

  • Horizen has partnered with Auros, a global algorithmic trading and market making firm, to increase liquidity for the $ZEN token ahead of the launch of EON, a new EVM-compatible smart contracts network developed by the Horizen team.
  • Auros is a leading market participant with trades of over a billion dollars daily.
  • The partnership aims to enhance liquidity for the $ZEN token across centralised and decentralised exchanges, allowing people to easily buy $ZEN and increasing opportunities for traders, DeFi users, and builders to participate in the EON ecosystem.

Rob Viglione, Co-founder of Horizen, said that Auros’ expertise in bespoke liquidity solutions will undoubtedly enhance the EON ecosystem. The partnership with Auros is a significant step towards a more resilient future for digital assets.

The Horizen EON is currently live on the Gobi testnet.

Horizen aims to increase liquidity for $ZEN

Horizen, a leading layer-0 public blockchain, has announced its partnership with Auros to increase access to $ZEN, Horizen’s native token. The partnership with Auros will help unlock liquidity, utility, and innovation within the smart contract platform’s ecosystem.

Auros’ algorithmic and high-frequency heritage will underpin the partnership, delivering more value for all of its users, according to Ben Roth, the Chief Information Officer and co-founder of Auros.

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