Horizen and Auros partner to promote EON and $ZEN token adoption.

On June 13th, Horizen, a leading layer 0 public blockchain, announced its strategic partnership with Auros, a global algorithmic trading and market-making firm, to boost the adoption of $ZEN while preparing for the launch of the EON ecosystem.

According to Horizon’s statement, the union of both companies will accelerate the growth of EON, Horizen’s new EVM-compatible smart contracting platform. This will increase opportunities for traders, DeFi users, and developers by enhancing the liquidity of the $ZEN token, which can be used on both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Horizen also emphasized that while they will currently focus on the $ZEN token, their intention is to provide personalized support for future EON-based projects that they consider relevant.

Auros to Contribute Liquidity to Horizen’s EON Platform

Auros, known for providing ample liquidity to exchanges and cryptocurrency projects through algorithmic trading and market-making, stated that they will provide the necessary liquidity to help achieve Horizen’s goals.

Ben Roth, Chief Information Officer and Co-Founder of Auros, affirmed that token liquidity is essential for any cryptocurrency project as it assists in “unlocking the utility and potential of innovative smart contract platforms”.

He added that this partnership represents “a significant step and a new hope for the decentralized ecosystem”, as they will collaborate on creating a project that brings more value to users and the crypto ecosystem.

On the other hand, Rob Viglione, co-founder of Horizen, expressed his excitement about joining forces with Auros, highlighting Auros’ expertise in tailored liquidity solutions. This will enable them to offer “more value to our users and enable seamless trading experiences that will drive the growth of EON as the premier platform for traders and DeFi enthusiasts alike”.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Auros, a market leader in algorithmic trading and market-making services. Their expertise in bespoke liquidity solutions will undoubtedly enhance the EON ecosystem.”

Currently, both companies are committed to driving the development of decentralized finance to attract more users to a rapidly growing industry.

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