Hedera (HBAR/USD) struggles at support in technical analysis.

Hedera (HBAR/USD) struggles at support in technical analysis.

The Blockchain Industry: Exploring Hedera and Its Challenges


The blockchain industry has been experiencing significant growth, especially with the bullish momentum in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Even lesser-known projects, such as Hedera, have benefitted from this surge. However, recent developments have raised questions about Hedera’s future prospects. In this article, we will delve deeper into the challenges faced by Hedera, explore both bullish and bearish cases, and understand the impact of external factors like the US dollar.

Hedera’s Journey

Hedera (HBAR/USD) saw a remarkable rally from $0.04 to $0.1 within a span of three months, reflecting the buoyancy of the cryptocurrency market. During this period, it seemed like the sky was the limit for Hedera. However, the reality slowly started to set in, and Hedera gave back all of its gains. Additionally, the subsequent inability to sustain a strong bounce raised concerns.

Currently, Hedera finds itself on dynamic support, struggling to maintain its position above it. This raises questions about the potential for a rebound and whether the weakening US dollar can act as a catalyst.

Hedera chart

The Bullish Case for Hedera

Despite the challenges, there is still a bullish case for Hedera as long as it holds above the dynamic support area, represented by the black line on the chart. Additionally, the daily chart indicates a strong resistance level between $0.06 and $0.07. A daily close above this range, especially above $0.07, would strengthen the bullish outlook.

However, for Hedera to experience a bullish reversal, the US dollar must also turn. The dollar’s rally over the summer months has been a significant driving force behind Hedera’s struggles. As we approach the end of September, there is a possibility that the dollar may undergo a reversal, which could provide the necessary push for Hedera’s recovery.

The Bearish Case for Hedera

Conversely, a drop below the dynamic support level could indicate internal problems within Hedera. This scenario becomes particularly concerning if the US dollar weakens while Hedera fails to rally. It would suggest underlying issues that need to be addressed within the project.


The blockchain industry, including projects like Hedera, has experienced both highs and lows. While Hedera saw a substantial rally, it has struggled to maintain its gains and faces significant challenges. The bullish case for Hedera lies in holding above dynamic support and surpassing strong resistance levels. However, should internal problems persist, a bearish outlook may become more prominent.

Ultimately, the fate of Hedera is closely tied to external factors, especially the US dollar’s performance. A reversal in the dollar’s trend could instigate a positive turn for Hedera. As stakeholders in the blockchain industry, it is crucial to monitor both internal and external variables that impact the trajectory of projects like Hedera.

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