Hackers demanding BTC release 1.5TB of Argentine regulator’s data.

A group of hackers known as MedusaBlog, who demanded payment in Bitcoin (BTC), have released 1.5 terabytes of data from the Argentine markets regulator on the dark web. This is after the regulator refused to pay a ransom. The attack was carried out by the MedusaBlog group, as reported by Criptonoticias and developer Maximiliano Firtman. The hackers infiltrated the networks of the Argentine Securities and Exchange Commission (CNV) and downloaded 1.5 terabytes of documents, including CNV hearings, meeting minutes, complaints lodged by private individuals and Argentine firms, and databases. Firtman claimed that the hackers announced that anyone who wants to access the information can contact them for instructions on how to access the files. The hackers originally demanded $0.5 million worth of BTC from the CNV, and when they refused to pay, the hackers released smaller amounts of data. However, the hackers eventually decided to release the entire cache of data publicly. The data includes login details, usernames, passwords, employee files, app history logs, and a number of secret CNV “plans and presentations.”

Argentine Regulator’s Data Released: Bitcoin Hackers Strike

According to Firtman, the leak is a “potential disaster.” The commission was accused of “lying” in its public statements about the data, as it had told reporters that the data cache did not contain any sensitive information. The developer tweeted several images and screenshots from the data cache and explained that the hackers said they would give away the data to anyone who contacted them via the TOX peer-to-peer instant-messaging app. The group used the Medusa ransomware to attack the CNV’s servers on June 7, and eventually “took control of CNV equipment.” The CNV had insisted that hackers had only been able to obtain “public information” on projects it had already revealed. Last month, a lawmaker suggested that citizens turn to crypto as an alternative to fiat for savings, with the nation’s fiat peso soaring to new highs.

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