Google Cloud offers free courses for building GPT-style AI.

Google Cloud has recently launched a series of free online courses aimed at teaching the basics of generative artificial intelligence (AI) systems, as well as introducing users to the Generative AI Studio development environment.

Learn more about #generativeAI for free! This Google Cloud Skills Boost learning path will provide you with foundational knowledge on Generative AI and Google Cloud’s approach to this transformational technology →

— Google Cloud (@googlecloud) June 4, 2023

Since the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT system in November 2022, generative AI systems have become a global industry. Since then, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Baidu, and many other tech companies have sought to take advantage of the public’s enthusiasm for large language models and image generators.

The new Google Cloud corpus consists of nine separate modules, including introductory courses in generative AI, large language models, responsible AI, image generation, and Generative AI Studio. It also takes students on a deeper dive into important generative AI concepts such as encoder-decoder architecture, attention mechanism, transformer and BERT models, and how to create image captioning models.

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The courses end with a “quest” that includes labs and timed assignments. Students can complete this quest to earn a Generative AI Explorer-Vertex AI badge.

According to Google Cloud, the courses should provide a sufficient introduction to the topic of generative AI, allowing users to learn the fundamentals and begin creating, training, and deploying their own foundational models.:

“This learning path guides you through a curated collection of content on Generative AI products and technologies, from the fundamentals of Large Language Models to how to create and deploy generative AI solutions on Google Cloud.”

Generative AI models have recently become a mainstay in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors. While their use cases as trading bots and data management assistants are well-documented, ChatGPT and other models also serve as educational tools.

According to researchers from the Blockchain Research Lab in Hamburg, Germany, the proliferation of ChatGPT and similar AI systems may be a contributing factor in the ongoing rise in global cryptocurrency adoption, thanks to their ability to explain complex concepts to the general public.

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