Gemini, a crypto exchange, plans to invest $24 million in an India hub.

Gemini, a crypto exchange, plans to invest $24 million in an India hub.

Gemini to Invest $24 Million in Blockchain Hub in India

Gemini, a US-based cryptocurrency exchange, has revealed plans to invest $24 million in its technology and crypto hub located in Gurgaon, India. This investment will be made over the course of the next two years and will be used to expand the development center and grow the team.

India has long been recognized as a hub for top technology talent, attracting companies from around the world. Gemini recognizes the immense potential of this talent pool and aims to tap into it by deepening its investment in the country. Pravjit Tiwana, the CEO of Asia Pacific and the global CTO of Gemini, expressed his excitement about this expansion in a blog release on September 26.

The Gurgaon technology development center was launched by Gemini earlier this year and has since seen a steady increase in its workforce, which currently stands at over 70 employees. Despite the uncertain regulatory landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies in India, Gemini remains committed to the country’s potential for growth in the crypto sector.

With this investment, Gemini plans to further enhance the innovation at the Gurgaon hub and support the overall growth of the crypto ecosystem, not only in India but also in the 70+ countries where the exchange operates. The focus of this expansion will include strengthening core platform fundamentals such as compliance, security, data pipelines and warehousing, and payments.

Gemini aims to hire additional talent in various fields, including compliance, software engineering, and customer support. By expanding its team, Gemini seeks to leverage the entrepreneurial and technological expertise present in India to bring crypto and Web3 to a wider audience.

The Growth of Crypto and Web3 in India

India has been experiencing a surge of interest in cryptocurrencies, driven by the country’s rapidly evolving technology scene. The advancement of Web3 technologies, which enable decentralized applications and smart contracts, has sparked a new wave of innovation and entrepreneurial activity in the country.

Despite some regulatory uncertainties, the Indian government and industry players are increasingly recognizing the potential benefits of blockchain technology. Initiatives like the National Blockchain Strategy and the Blockchain-based Trade Finance Platform demonstrate India’s commitment to embracing this emerging technology.

Gemini’s investment in its technology and crypto hub in India aligns with the country’s goal of fostering growth in the blockchain industry. By establishing a strong presence in Gurgaon, Gemini aims to contribute to the development of the local crypto ecosystem and promote the adoption of blockchain technology.

The Importance of Talent Acquisition

Gemini’s decision to invest in its India-based development center reflects the company’s belief in the exceptional talent pool available in the country. India has a long-standing reputation for producing highly skilled professionals in the technology sector, with many leading global technology companies setting up operations in the country.

By hiring local talent, Gemini can tap into the expertise and creativity of Indian engineers, software developers, and other professionals. This will enable the company to strengthen its core platform, enhance compliance measures, and build innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of its global user base.

Gemini’s recruitment efforts extend beyond technical roles, as the company also seeks talent in finance, customer support, and compliance. This demonstrates its commitment to building a diverse team that can cater to various aspects of the crypto industry.


Gemini’s $24 million investment in its technology and crypto hub in Gurgaon, India, signifies its confidence in the Indian blockchain industry and its commitment to supporting its growth. By establishing a strong presence in the country, Gemini aims to leverage the exceptional talent available and contribute to the development of the local crypto ecosystem.

As India continues to navigate the regulatory landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies, Gemini’s investment serves as a testament to the country’s potential as a leading entrepreneurial and technological hub. Through this expansion, Gemini strives to bring the benefits of crypto and Web3 technologies to the masses, both in India and across the globe.

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