Gamma Strategies Investigates Security Incident: What You Need to Know 💣💻🔐

Gamma Strategies has announced its plans to share additional information about the incident after the investigation is complete in X post.

Gamma protocol investigates possible Ether drain attack

Ethereum-based asset management protocol Gamma Strategies recently announced that they are looking into a concerning security incident that may have led to the loss of at least 211.9 Ether (ETH). 😱

🕵️‍♂️ Blockchain investigator PeckShield was the first to detect an exploit worth approximately $469,000 that was linked to Gamma Strategies on January 4th. This sent shockwaves through the decentralized finance (DeFi) community and raised eyebrows among investors. 🚨

Gamma Strategies hacker moving stolen funds over the blockchain Gamma Strategies hacker moving stolen funds over the blockchain. Source: EtherScan

🔒 In response to the incident, Gamma Strategies confirmed a “possible security incident” but reassured users that they could still withdraw their funds if necessary. This swift action aimed to provide a sense of security and alleviate customers’ concerns. ❤️

📣 Gamma Strategies has yet to respond to’s request for comment, but they have promised to release further details about the incident after conducting a thorough investigation. So, stay tuned for more information!

👀 Unfortunately, a fake verified X account impersonating Gamma’s social media presence also emerged amidst the confusion. This account maliciously directed investors to a phishing website while urging them to “revoke all approvals to prevent loss of funds.” Here’s a screenshot showing the deceptive account in action:

A verified account impersonating Gamma Strategies for phishing attacks. Source: X A verified account impersonating Gamma Strategies for phishing attacks. Source: X

😡 To make matters worse, this imposter’s post received more likes and views than the original warning tweet from Gamma Strategies. We can’t stress enough the importance of double-checking all links and only interacting with Gamma through official channels. 🛡️


Q: What can users do to protect themselves during a security incident like this?

A: First and foremost, always be cautious and skeptical when it comes to online interactions. Verify the authenticity of any communication received by cross-referencing with official sources, such as the project’s website or verified social media accounts. Never click on suspicious links or share sensitive information unless you are certain of the source’s legitimacy.

Q: Should users be worried about their funds on the Gamma Strategies platform?

A: While the security incident is undoubtedly worrisome, Gamma Strategies has assured users that they can still withdraw their funds. It is advisable to monitor the situation closely, follow official updates, and exercise caution until the investigation is complete.

Q: How can users differentiate between legitimate and fake social media accounts during such incidents?

A: Verifying the authenticity of social media accounts can be challenging but not impossible. Look for verified badges or checks on platforms that offer such features. Cross-reference account information with official sources and scrutinize the account’s activity and post history. Be wary of accounts that unexpectedly redirect users to external websites or urge them to take immediate action without proper verification procedures.

In a similar vein, another significant event worth noting in the DeFi space is KyberSwap’s recent decision to cut its workforce by 50% in light of a $49 million exploit. To survive the blow, KyberSwap’s CEO, Victor Tran, announced a temporary pause on liquidity protocol initiatives and the KyberAI project. However, their core business, KyberSwap’s Aggregator and Limit Order functions, remain operational. 🪂💼

👉 Investors and users are encouraged to stay informed about the evolving DeFi landscape through reliable sources and to exercise caution when navigating the crypto world.

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🚀 The world of DeFi is filled with challenges, but with careful analysis and informed decision-making, you can navigate through these storms and come out stronger! Stay tuned for more updates and remember to protect your assets 🔐

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