Fox has introduced a new open-source platform powered by blockchain technology in partnership with Polygon Labs.

The Fox Corporation has collaborated with Polygon Labs to introduce an open-source platform aimed at confirming the credibility of web content.

FOX Corporation Unveils New Blockchain-Based Content Verification Platform


The Fox Corporation has partnered with Polygon Labs to unveil the new blockchain-based Verify, an open-source platform designed to verify the authenticity of content and track its use across the web. Built on Polygon PoS, the core blockchain infrastructure can transparently prove the authenticity of content. This partnership aims to tackle authenticity problems caused by the rapid development of AI-generated media.

“There is broad agreement this problem needs to be met head on, but there haven’t been many real-world solutions that prove the provenance of any given piece of content. Researchers at Polygon Labs have been building the core blockchain infrastructure that can transparently prove authenticity,” said a statement from Paragon Labs.

Allegations of Defamation and Litigation

News of the media conglomerate’s latest venture follows a nearly $3 billion litigation brought against the company by Smartmatic, a voting technology company, for its alleged defamatory reporting during the 2020 election. Similarly, in April, Fox was mandated to pay $787.5 million in damages to Dominion Voting Systems, another voting technology firm that alleged defamation against the media conglomerate. With the release of this new technology, Fox seems to be seeking to avoid further issues regarding allegations of inauthenticity.

Verify’s Beta Version was Launched Last Year

“Individual pieces of content are cryptographically signed on-chain, allowing consumers to identify content from trusted sources using the Verify Tool,” states Polygon’s press release. Since its beta version launched on August 23rd, Verify has seen 89,000 pieces of content onboarded across the platform from the Fox Corporation and its affiliates. This licensing and verification platform provides readers with the assurance that an article or image originated from a trustworthy source.

As AI-generated content becomes more prevalent online, Verify will play a crucial role in helping consumers identify the source of content and give media publishers more control over their relationships with AI platforms that scrape the web.

Q&A: What Readers Want to Know

Q: How does Verify ensure the authenticity of content?

A: Verify uses blockchain technology to cryptographically sign individual pieces of content, allowing consumers to verify the authenticity of the content from trusted sources using the Verify Tool.

Q: How many pieces of content have been onboarded on Verify since its launch?

A: Since its beta version launch on August 23rd, Verify has onboarded 89,000 pieces of content from the Fox Corporation and its affiliates.

Q: Will Verify help media publishers regain control over their content in relation to AI platforms?

A: Yes, Verify will enable media publishers to have more control over their relationships with AI platforms that scrape the web, ensuring that the content attributed to them is legitimate.

Future Outlook and Investment Recommendations

The partnership between Fox Corporation and Polygon Labs to develop Verify reflects the growing concern over the authenticity of content in an era of rapidly advancing AI. As AI-generated text and images become more widespread, Verify will play a crucial role in verifying content and helping consumers identify its true source. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we consume and trust content on the internet.

Investors should keep an eye on blockchain-based verification platforms like Verify, as they have the potential to disrupt traditional systems of content verification and authentication. As more organizations recognize the need for trustworthy content in the digital age, platforms like Verify could become essential tools in the fight against misinformation.

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