Find the next big altcoin before it pumps.

In this week’s episode of “Market Talks”, Cointelegraph interviews Lark Davis. Davis has been actively involved in the world of cryptocurrency since 2017 and is a Bitcoin, crypto, and stock investor with over 1 million followers on Twitter and over 470,000 YouTube subscribers.

During the interview, Davis talks about how he got into crypto and why he is still so interested in it. He also shares his assessment criteria for determining which altcoins have the potential to make it big and what he looks for when analyzing them.

The discussion also covers the possibility of BTC reaching a new all-time high in 2023 and what events or catalysts could help propel it upward. Davis also shares his opinion on the most important things happening in crypto right now, including regulation, lawsuits, and development in the industry.

If you’re a new or experienced crypto investor, you won’t want to miss this episode. “Market Talks” airs every Thursday on Cointelegraph Markets & Research’s YouTube page, so be sure to like and subscribe for future videos and updates.

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