Ether Faces a Downturn: What Does This Mean for the Bull Market?

Despite the current volatility, the year-to-date return of 57% for ETH is a strong indication of confidence in the world's second-largest cryptocurrency.

Ethereum’s derivative market remains strong despite a 10% drop in ETH price.

🔥📉 Ether (ETH) took a sharp dive of 10% on March 15, hitting its lowest point in over a week at $3,567. This created a ripple effect, triggering $126 million in forced liquidations within ETH futures. Naturally, investors are now on edge, wondering if this downturn signifies a shift away from the recent bullish trend and if Ether will revisit the $4,090 level observed on March 12. To find the answer, let’s delve into the demand for Ether derivatives.

Traditional Financial Assets Under Pressure Too

Ether’s decline on March 15 wasn’t exclusive to the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin (BTC) and the broader crypto market experienced similar drops, indicating that Ether wasn’t underperforming in comparison. Concurrently, the S&P 500 index also dropped by 1.1% after nearly touching a new all-time high of 5,257 on March 14. However, this decline doesn’t necessarily reflect the sentiment among ETH investors.

📉💡 Some experts argue that profit-taking movements are not limited to the crypto space. Case in point: on March 15, the U.S. 2-year Treasury yield reached 4.73%, its highest peak in over three months. When yields on fixed-income assets rise, it suggests selling pressure as investors seek higher returns elsewhere. Consequently, the perceived riskiness of cryptocurrencies or their scarcity as alternatives drive traders towards cash in search of security.

📉🗽 The U.S. Federal Reserve’s upcoming meeting on March 20, where the base interest rate will be decided, is causing investors to fret. Recent data on consumer inflation (CPI) and the producer price index slightly exceeding expectations raises concerns that the Fed might prolong the maintenance of interest rates at 5.25%. Such a prospect adds downward pressure on the economy, encouraging fixed-income investments.

Thierry Wizman from Macquarie, a global FX and rates strategist, paints a broader picture, stating, “I think the other issue here is not just the 2024 and 2025, it’s the other issues that the Fed is thinking about, which includes that the market is too frothy.” Wizman suggests that this could indicate the Fed’s belief in the need for higher long-term interest rates.

💪 Despite the current volatility and uncertainty in the global economy, the fact that Ether has risen by an impressive 57% year-to-date in 2024 should be seen as a strong vote of confidence. However, given the typically short-term outlook of crypto investors, it is crucial to examine the ETH futures and options markets to determine if the recent 10% price drop has dampened the bullish momentum.

Ether Derivatives Remain Resilient

Ether perpetual contracts, also known as inverse swaps, contain a recalculated embedded rate every eight hours. A positive funding rate signals a higher demand for leverage from traders holding long positions.

Ether perpetual futures 8-hour % funding rate Source:

The data shows that ETH funding rates have consistently remained above 0.03% per eight-hour period, amounting to 0.6% weekly. During bullish market environments, these rates can surge above 2.1% per week when traders are overly optimistic. This suggests that traders engaged in perpetual futures have not shifted to a bearish stance during the March 15 correction.

To further gauge trader sentiment, we must assess the balance between call (buy) and put (sell) options. An increase in the demand for put options typically suggests that traders are preparing for neutral to bearish price movements.

ETH options put-to-call volume ratio at Deribit Source:

Over the past 10 days, the demand for Ether call options has surpassed that for protective puts by an average margin of 60%. This ratio is considered neutral, especially since crypto traders tend to lean towards bullish positions. Therefore, there is no indication that the Ether derivatives market suffered significantly during the March 15 drop. Based on the current state of Ether futures and options, the bull market appears unshaken, with indicators pointing towards continued health.

Q&A: Addressing Additional Topics and Concerns

Q: Should I be worried about the recent price drop in Ether? A: While price drops can cause concern, it’s important to consider the overall market sentiment and the performance of Ether derivatives. The current data suggests that the bull market remains strong, and the recent correction may be a temporary blip.

Q: What impact will the U.S. Federal Reserve’s decision on interest rates have on Ether? A: The Fed’s decision can influence the overall market conditions, including crypto assets. If interest rates remain unchanged or rise, it may increase the appeal of fixed-income assets, potentially diverting some investor attention away from cryptocurrencies.

Q: Is the demand for Ether derivatives indicative of market health? A: Yes, the demand for Ether derivatives provides valuable insights into market sentiment. Currently, the funding rates and put-to-call volume ratios suggest that traders are still optimistic about Ether’s future performance.

Based on the available data, it is likely that Ether will continue to experience volatility in the short term. However, the strong year-to-date performance and the resilience of Ether derivatives indicate that the overall bullish trend may persist. Investors should carefully monitor market movements and consider diversifying their portfolios to manage risks effectively.

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