Elastos Launches Elacity DRM: Empowering Creators in the Web3 Era 🚀

Elastos Unveils Elacity DRM, a New Digital Rights Management Tool Designed for Web3 Video Content Creators

Elastos has brought us the Elacity DRM, the first-ever digital rights management tool for Web3.

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Elastos has made a groundbreaking announcement with the launch of Elacity DRM, a revolutionary digital rights management (DRM) tool tailored for Web3 and specifically designed for video content creators. This new tool introduces the Access Economy Protocol (AEP) which combines non-fungible token (NFT) technology with decentralized DRM, giving creators direct control over their digital rights. It’s a game-changer that promises to reinstate creators’ ownership and control over their digital assets.

In the Web2 world, centralized DRM has orchestrated a creative heist, robbing creators of their rightful control and revenues. This has created a landscape where the value of digital assets is diminished, and the relationship between creators and their audiences is hindered by layers of intermediaries. But Elacity DRM aims to change that narrative.

“With Elacity DRM, we’re empowering creators by reinstating their rightful ownership and control over their digital assets,” said Elacity CEO Sasha Mitchell. “By leveraging blockchain and decentralized technologies, we’re not only ensuring the security of digital assets but also preserving their true value in the Web3 era.”

A New Era of Control and Revenue for Creators 🎥

Elastos’ Elacity DRM leverages the Elastos Smart Chain (ESC) and is EVM compatible, making it accessible to a wide range of creators on the Elastos SmartWeb. The initial focus of Elacity DRM is on video content, catering to various applications such as independent filmmaking, educational materials, documentaries, and podcasting.

But the future holds even more exciting developments. Elacity DRM will soon expand its capabilities to audio-only formats, encompassing music and audiobooks. In the pipeline for 2024 are further extensions to include documents, gaming, and software capsules, ensuring that creators in various industries can benefit from this groundbreaking DRM tool.

Valuable Revenue Retention for Creators 📈

One of the key advantages of Elacity DRM is that it enables creators to retain over 95 percent of their revenue. This is a stark contrast to the traditional Web2 models, which typically offer creators only 30 to 55 percent revenue retention. Elastos is disrupting the outdated norms and providing creators with a substantially higher share of their earnings.

With Elacity DRM, creators finally have the control and revenue they deserve, allowing them to fully unleash their creativity in the Web3 era.

Q&A: Addressing Reader Concerns and Curiosity 🤔

Q: How does Elacity DRM protect creators’ digital rights? A: Elacity DRM combines non-fungible token (NFT) technology with decentralized DRM, giving creators direct control over their digital assets. This innovative approach ensures that creators can share, monetize, and resell their content with defined scarcity, reinstating their rightful ownership and control over their digital rights.

Q: Is Elacity DRM only for video content creators? A: While Elacity DRM initially focuses on video content, it will soon expand its capabilities to include audio-only formats such as music and audiobooks. Furthermore, Elasicity DRM has plans to encompass documents, gaming, and software capsules in 2024. This expansion aims to cater to creators in various industries, providing them with the means to protect and monetize their digital assets.

Q: How much revenue can creators expect to retain with Elacity DRM? A: Elacity DRM offers creators the opportunity to retain over 95 percent of their revenue. This is a significant increase compared to the traditional Web2 models, which typically only offer creators a range of 30 to 55 percent revenue retention. Elastos’ goal is to empower creators and ensure they receive their fair share of earnings in the Web3 era.

As we move forward in the digital landscape, Elastos’ Elacity DRM is a shining example of how blockchain technology and decentralized DRM can transform the way creators protect and monetize their digital assets. With Elacity DRM, creators regain their control and revenue, allowing them to thrive in the Web3 era.

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