El Salvador’s Bitcoin Investment Soars, President Confirms No Plans to Sell 💸💰

El Salvador's Bitcoin (BTC) holdings of 2,798 coins have earned a non-realized profit of $12.6 million, and there are no intentions to sell.

El Salvador’s Bitcoin investment has earned $12.6 million in unrealized gains, just as a decision on the Bitcoin ETF is pending.

📅 Last updated: January 9, 2024 01:44 EST

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El Salvador has continued to ride the Bitcoin wave with its impressive investment portfolio. The country’s holdings of 2,798 BTC have yielded an unrealized profit of $12.6 million, and according to recent reports, there are no plans to sell any of it. This significant increase in value showcases the country’s long-term commitment and belief in the future of cryptocurrency.

The Bitcoin Bull Run in El Salvador 🐂💰

In an update on January 9 by Nayibtracker, a website dedicated to monitoring El Salvador’s crypto investments, it was revealed that the country’s BTC investment has seen an impressive all-time upward trajectory of 10.21%.

This comes as no surprise, considering El Salvador’s President, Nayib Bukele, has been vocal about the nation’s commitment to Bitcoin. Back in December 4, he proudly announced a profit of $3.6 million from their initial investment.

Nayibtracker Source: Nayibtracker

Unlike many who may panic at short-term price fluctuations, President Bukele has emphasized that El Salvador is playing the long game. The country views its Bitcoin investment as part of a broader and enduring strategy, rather than being reactionary to immediate market conditions. This demonstrates a strong belief in the potential and resilience of cryptocurrency.

Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval Could Drive Bitcoin Prices Higher ⏫💸

The approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF in the United States could have a significant impact on the price of Bitcoin. If approved, it is expected to trigger substantial inflows and propel BTC prices to new highs.

Since October 2023, BTC has seen a substantial increase of 75%, driven by optimism surrounding the potential approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF. This highlights the growing interest and acceptance of Bitcoin as a mainstream investment option.

CoinMarketCap BTC Data Source: CoinMarketCap BTC Data

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is set to decide on the matter on January 10, 2024. Various asset managers who have previously filed for a proposed ETF fund have made amendments in response to regulatory meetings with SEC officials, emphasizing their optimism and commitment to gaining approval.

Lower Trading Fees Offered by Major Asset Managers 💸💼

At press time, some major asset managers, including Bitwise, Valkyrie, Invesco, and WisdomTree, have lowered their trading fees for BTC. Bitwise, for example, has set its trading fees at 0.20%, Valkyrie at 0.49%, Invesco at 0.39%, and WisdomTree at 0.30%.

This move indicates the growing recognition of Bitcoin’s potential and the importance of providing competitive investment opportunities to attract more investors.

The Rise of El Salvador’s BTC Dip Investment 📈💰

President Nayib Bukele revealed on September 7, 2021, that his government had acquired 200 BTC, bringing the total holdings to 2,798 coins. This announcement came just a day before the approval of El Salvador’s groundbreaking Bitcoin Law, which established cryptocurrency as legal tender in the country.

The most recent acquisition of Bitcoin was made in November 2022 when the price was $27,780 per BTC. This brought the average cost of the accumulated holdings to $42,440. El Salvador’s strategic decision to accumulate Bitcoin during dips is now proving to be highly profitable.

El Salvador has been at the forefront of Bitcoin adoption, showcasing significant advancements through innovative approaches. Notably, the regulatory approval of Volcano Bonds from CNAD on December 12, 2023, marked a milestone for capital markets in Bitcoin. These bonds will be issued on the Bitfinex Securities Platform, a blockchain-based trading platform registered in El Salvador.

Q&A for Curious Readers 🙋🎓

Q1: How does El Salvador’s Bitcoin investment compare to other countries? A1: El Salvador’s Bitcoin investment is among the largest. While other countries have started exploring cryptocurrencies, El Salvador has taken the lead by legalizing Bitcoin as legal tender and actively accumulating it as a strategic investment.

Q2: What are the potential risks involved in El Salvador’s Bitcoin investment strategy? A2: Like any investment, there are risks involved. The volatility of Bitcoin’s price can lead to unexpected losses if not managed carefully. However, El Salvador has expressed a long-term commitment, indicating that they are prepared to ride out short-term fluctuations.

Q3: How have the citizens of El Salvador responded to the Bitcoin Law and the government’s investment in BTC? A3: The response from citizens has been mixed. While some are enthusiastic about the potential benefits of Bitcoin, others have expressed concerns about the lack of stability and potential impact on traditional financial systems. The success or failure of the Bitcoin Law and the government’s investment will ultimately depend on how it benefits the people of El Salvador.

Future Outlook and Strategies 🚀🔮

The potential approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF in the United States could have a significant impact on the price of Bitcoin, driving it to new highs. If this happens, El Salvador’s investment portfolio is likely to see further growth and increased profitability.

Investors who are interested in riding the Bitcoin wave should keep a close eye on the SEC decision regarding the spot Bitcoin ETF. If approved, this could be a game-changer for Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market.

Additionally, it is essential to stay informed about other countries’ regulatory decisions regarding cryptocurrencies. As more countries embrace digital assets, the global landscape for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will evolve, presenting new investment opportunities.


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In Conclusion 🏁📈

El Salvador’s Bitcoin investment has proven to be a lucrative and strategic move. The country’s commitment to holding onto its BTC assets, even during periods of price fluctuation, showcases its long-term vision for embracing the future of finance.

With the potential approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF on the horizon, El Salvador’s investment portfolio could see even more significant growth. This positive outlook, coupled with the country’s innovative approach to Bitcoin adoption, paints a promising future for both El Salvador and the world of cryptocurrency.

So, whether you’re an investor or simply curious about the evolving landscape of digital assets, keep an eye on El Salvador as this small Central American nation continues to make big waves in the world of Bitcoin.

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