Eco-friendly Crypto Chimpzee nears $1M raise for animal conservation with blockchain technology – What’s next?

Eco-friendly Crypto Chimpzee nears $1M raise for animal conservation with blockchain technology - What's next?

The Blockchain Industry: Chimpzee’s Mission to Save and Earn

Chimpzee Presale

The blockchain industry continues to evolve, not only as a technological revolution but also as a force for positive change. One such project that encapsulates the potential of blockchain technology is Chimpzee, an eco-friendly cryptocurrency project that is racing towards raising $1 million in its presale. Chimpzee’s blockchain-based platform is dedicated to helping save endangered animals and fighting climate change, making progress on its charitable roadmap commitments.

Chimpzee Gold Passport NFTs: An Exclusive Collection for Environmental Champions

Chimpzee recently revealed its Chimpzee Gold Passport non-fungible token (NFT) collection on July 15, showcasing eight exclusive digital art designs. These NFTs will be minted by environmentally conscious crypto investors who participate in Chimpzee’s ongoing “gold stage” presale. Once the presale concludes, participants will be eligible to mint one of these exclusive Chimpzee Gold Passport NFTs for 750,000 $CHMPZ tokens.

The Chimpzee Gold Passport NFTs not only offer a unique digital art collection but also provide holders with a passive income stream. These NFTs can be staked for an 18% yield, allowing holders to earn an ongoing passive income within the Chimpzee ecosystem.

Commitment to Conservation: Charitable Donations and Environmental Initiatives

Chimpzee’s core mission is to fund impactful environmental and wildlife charities, and the project demonstrates its commitment through donations and initiatives. On July 20, Chimpzee donated $20,000 to the WILD Foundation, supporting their conservation efforts for the endangered black jaguar population in South America. This contribution reflects Chimpzee’s dedication to safeguarding endangered species and habitats.

But the philanthropic efforts of Chimpzee go beyond monetary donations. Earlier this year, the project financed the planting of 1,200 trees in Brazil and 20,000 trees in Guatemala, while also donating $15,000 to protect endangered Asian elephants. Chimpzee plans to continue supporting reputable charities and organizations fighting against climate change, deforestation, and animal endangerment.

Donations and Initiatives
– $20,000 to the WILD Foundation for black jaguar conservation
– 1,200 trees planted in Brazil
– 20,000 trees planted in Guatemala
– $15,000 to protect endangered Asian elephants

The Chimpzee Presale: An Opportunity to Contribute and Earn

Currently in the eighth stage of its presale event, Chimpzee offers investors an opportunity to join a movement that allows earning while protecting endangered species and habitats. The presale is divided into several stages, with varying token prices and bonuses. The price per $CHMPZ token for the “gold stage” presale is $0.00075, and it will rise to $0.00085 in the upcoming ninth stage on August 4.

Early participants in the presale can secure a significant 125% token bonus, amplifying their contributions and potential returns. By investing in the Chimpzee presale, users not only have the chance to acquire the token at a discounted price compared to the planned exchange listing price but also actively contribute to charitable causes.

Chimpzee’s Features: Earn While Making a Difference

Chimpzee’s platform offers users various utility features designed to generate passive income while simultaneously contributing to charitable causes. The key features include: – Shop-to-earn merchandise store: Users will be rewarded in $CHMPZ tokens for every purchase made in the Chimpzee merchandise store. Moreover, a portion of the profits from merchandise sales will be donated to partnered environmental charities, making the store a shop-to-donate experience. – Trade-to-earn NFT marketplace: Chimpzee’s NFT marketplace will provide users with opportunities to trade and earn from unique digital assets. – “Zero Tolerance” play-to-earn game: Chimpzee’s play-to-earn game will allow users to engage in gameplay while earning rewards.

Chimpzee’s Roadmap and Tokenomics

Chimpzee operates according to a well-defined roadmap, outlining the phases of its development. The project is currently in phase two, which includes finalizing the Chimpzee merchandise store, NFT minting platform, and staking features. The NFT marketplace and play-to-earn game will be built out in subsequent roadmap phases. The team intends to sustain charitable donations through each milestone on the roadmap.

The tokenomics of $CHMPZ contribute to its value proposition. The project implements deflationary measures, with tokens spent on Chimpzee Passport NFTs permanently burned from circulation. Moreover, unsold tokens from each presale stage are burned, gradually reducing the total supply of the token. So far, 50 billion tokens have already been burnt, and another 50 billion will be destroyed when the presale hits $1 million raised. Additionally, 40 billion more tokens will be burned before the exchange listing, further constraining the total supply.

Embracing Environmental Consciousness and Crypto Advocacy

$CHMPZ presents a promising addition to environmentally conscious crypto portfolios. The project’s commitment to environmental conservation, combined with its utility features and tokenomics, makes it an attractive option for investors seeking to align their investments with positive change. Notably, major crypto influencers like Michael Wrubel have begun promoting the project to their extensive follower base.

With climate change dominating headlines and the urgency to protect endangered species growing, the Chimpzee presale offers a unique opportunity. As only 45% of the total $CHMPZ supply is available during the public presale event, investors need to act swiftly to participate in this movement that contributes to environmental preservation while potentially earning attractive returns.

Disclaimer: Investing in cryptocurrencies carries risk. This article provides information but does not constitute investment advice. Please exercise caution and be aware that you could lose all of your capital.

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