Dropbox unveils AI offerings with new features and $50M venture fund for startups.

The file hosting service provider, Dropbox, has recently joined the bandwagon of tech companies that are embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. The company has introduced two new features that are powered by AI and has also launched its first venture arm to focus on startups in the AI market.

Dropbox made these announcements at a time when companies are intentionally integrating with AI. Prior to its developments, many tech companies had made numerous revelations about their involvement with these new and buzzing technology tools.

Dropbox Integrates AI Technology

The new features that Dropbox has released are Dropbox Dash and Dropbox AI. The former is a “universal” search bar that can be used in content creation. It forms a connection among users’ content, apps, and tools in a single search bar and makes it easier and faster to find whatever they are looking for in one place. It links platforms such as Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, Google Workspace, and Notion to give the best experience. Additionally, the file hosting service provider said that Dash would continue to “learn, evolve, and improve” as customers use it. The Dropbox Dash browser extension has more features like Stacks, which helps save, organize, and retrieve URLs. Another addition is the Start Page, a dashboard that houses the universal search, stocks, shortcuts to meetings, and other navigators for easy and fast work procedures.

The second offering is Dropbox AI, which extracts and summarizes content to avoid users sifting through the entire file. It can review and generate summaries from documents, research papers, contracts, and meeting recordings. This will help users to understand large documents or videos through concise explanations.

Dropbox’s New Initiative

As Dropbox unveiled the new AI features, it also announced a new $50 million venture initiative to support startups in the AI world. The company said the venture aims “to propel the next generation of startups” committed to transforming innovations in AI. Dropbox added that it would provide financial and mentorship assistance to “build new AI-powered products that will shape the future of work”.

Concerning privacy, Dropbox emphasized its dedication to protecting its customers’ privacy. The company prides itself on being trustworthy and responsible towards its users when it comes to the application of new technology. The software operator noted the importance of acting transparently and limiting bias in its AI technology. The company wrote:

“Our principles have been developed with these standards in mind which will guide our teams as we develop AI products and features responsible in the years to come… No matter what tools you use or what content you’re working with, we’re delivering experiences that make it easy to quickly find, organize, and manage all your work -right from Dropbox.”

Dropbox AI for file previews is currently in alpha and will be available to Dropbox Pro US customers while select Dropbox Teams have access to test it.

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