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After returning to 30,000 US dollars, what changes have occurred in the Bitcoin ecosystem?

BRC-20, ordinal theory and other Bitcoin-based protocols have brought a lot of room for imagination in the developmen...


Curve emergency DAO ends rewards for hack-related pools.

In July, both Curve and Multichain faced security challenges, however, it is worth noting that certain associated poo...


SUI Blockchain Surpasses Major Players in DeFi: A New Leader Emerges

The SUI blockchain has experienced remarkable growth since the start of 2024 and has even surpassed leading competito...


Robinhood is the third-largest holder of Bitcoin, with $3B in BTC.

Robinhood successfully consolidated and added 118,300 bitcoin to their wallet from various smaller wallets within a s...


The Crypto Chameleon: CZ’s Next Adventure in the Blockchain Jungle 🦎

Fashionista, according to CZ, plans to focus on investing in DeFi startups after a brief hiatus from the workforce.


DeFi hacks continue, but ZK-proof development thrives in Finance Redefined.

The DeFi ecosystem is thriving with exciting advancements in zero-knowledge-proof scaling solutions.